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Do you have a wide-ranging inventory of furniture and would you like a complete overview and insight into all the furniture you own? From the type of furniture up to and including the condition; for a value assessment from a maintenance, replacement or investment perspective. The Gispen Furniture Management System (FMS) can be of help in all these cases. This is a comprehensive, fully digital system in which we can register and monitor your entire furniture inventory.


The advantages of FMS

Our Furniture Management System will know exactly where your furniture is located and whether there are any surplus items that can be reused in a circular way. You will be kept up to date on your furniture inventory and will be able to manage the expenses as well as the design and condition of your furniture in the long run. The information which is stored in the FMS will allow us to make effective and sustainable decisions when it comes to your furniture. 



How does it work?

In order to fill the FMS with data, we will need an import file of, for example,  the results of a Circular Quality Scan or Gispen order file.

We will give each furniture item a QR-code or RFID tag, that we will provide with data such as the location, brand, product type, age, purchase price and replacement cost, pictures, colours and dimensions. Gispen can basically list your entire inventory; from office chair to coat hanger. 

We will prepare the system for you. You can then choose to have direct access and update your own data, after a training course. In this case we will charge a periodic software licensing fee. 


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