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Closing the loops

As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of interiors and furniture we find it important to contribute to the circular economy. We want to make a substantial contribution to the sustainability of the world we live in. The 'old' economy in linear by design, in which we extract raw materials that are processed into products which are disposed of when they are no longer needed. In a circular economy, we close the loops. We reuse raw materials and products for as far as possible to reduce waste production. Gispen does so through innovative design, sustainable manufacturing and by advising others on clever (re)use.


Five guiding principles

We are at the threshold of a transition towards a new, circular system. We operate according to these five guiding principles:

  • We want to serve our clients with the same furniture setups for as long as possible, while retaining a healthy revenue model.
  • In order to fulfil new needs, we use materials that are already in circulation.
  • New products are always measured against the Design Framework - our circular ladder for sustainable design.
  • We close the loops by giving products, components and materials a new lease of life. In doing so, we thoroughly consider the environmental impact on several levels.
  • To ensure the continuity of the circular system, we generate profit: we work for people, planet and profit.
Manager circular economy

A word from the professional

Gispen is in a transition. REUSE > LOSS PREVENTION > LESS WASTE PRODUCTION > Key words when we speak of a circular economy. I believe in these circular principles. I am convinced that well-designed pieces of furniture, both new and used, are the starting point for a sustainable interior. We aim to prolong the lifecycles of products and we firmly believe that we need to take responsibility, based on well-considered agreements and the right incentive to close material loops. There is much to be gained!


Girl in field


Our ultimate goal is to create a feasible circular business model, which is based on our vision and ambition:

Gispen is a leading innovator in the field of circular interior design. We take responsibility for our business operations by using as few raw materials as possible. From product design to return flows, we focus on (re)use and functionality; materials and components serve multiple functions and are reusable in our production process. We also involve our suppliers in the principles of reuse. We keep track of the products that are used by Gispen clients.


Focal points

Gispen has formulated five focal points for the purpose of achieving its ambition.

  • Eliminating waste: Gispen eliminates all forms of waste from resources, materials and CO2. This is done by optimising our design and production process as well as making our logistics, packaging and all other business operations more sustainable.
  • Closing the loops: We offer our products and services in the form of a circular proposition: maintain, redistribute, repair, refurbish, repurpose and recycle. This is how Gispen closes the material loops when furnishing interiors.
  • Creating awareness: Based on sustainability principles, Gispen is creating a culture that improves the lives and living environments of all our community members. From employees, partners, suppliers and clients to investors, knowledge institutions and communities.
  • Developing circular business models: We are converting our business models into circular business models. In doing so, we implement both the financial and social value of circular economic entrepreneurship.
  • Showing innovative leadership: We want to be and remain the leading innovator when it comes to sustainable interior design through the principles of the circular economy. We are always happy to share our knowledge and expertise with others. We link these to concrete actions in order to accelerate the transition.
Circulair project

Rijn IJssel vakschool Wageningen

Together with Ex Interiors, we created a new learning and working environment for this special school of vocational education with a largely refurbished interior.


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Tangible results

We are working towards a fully circular business model because we want to make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable world. In 2019, we took new steps towards this transition and we did so together with our clients. The Sustainability Report 2019 puts the results in broader context. We were the only Dutch project furnisher to publish an annual report on its circular results and initiatives in 2019.

Circular project

Doctors Without Borders

Upcycling and recycling. Elements from the old interior have made their way back into the new interior, by means of clever reuse.


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Some highlights of 2019


Products were refurbished by us in 2019. An impressive feat.


New contracts were signed by organisations that wanted Gispen to (partially) furnish their interior with refurbished products.


Kilograms of plastic waste was recycled in the production of Sett CE sofas. The sofa that was crowned with the Dutch Design Award in 2019.

Joint efforts

A number of circular partnerships:

Firstly, Gispen was given the challenging task of furnishing the Triodos bank, the most sustainable bank of the Netherlands, with cleverly reused products and new sustainable furniture. Secondly, one in five products supplied to NS (Dutch railways) were refurbished. And, thirdly, the Municipality of Apeldoorn acquired cabinets from Rabobank that had become redundant, which after a thorough check-up and a new colour will last for another decade



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Commercial director Gispen

Maurits van Berckel

Increasing demand for reuse

Our ambitions are no longer just a dream. An increasing number of clients now believes that not only design and functionality, but also sustainability and circularity are key features for their work environment. We see an increasing demand for solutions in furniture reuse, which we applaud, because you can only make a real difference if you do it together. This is why we consider every circular project a gift. We are proud and grateful for the fact that we were able to make further steps in our transition towards a circular business model in 2019.




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