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The new Reinier Haga Orthopaedic Centre (RHOC) has been built adjacent to the LangeLand Hospital in Zoetermeer. The centre receives patients for all types of orthopaedic procedures - including the more complex ones. This is one of the advantages of being right next to hospital. Three hospitals, in fact, because RHOC now houses and faciltiates all the orthopaedic treatments of LangeLand Hospital, Reinier de Graaf Hospital and Haga Hospital. EGM Architects designed the new building as well as the interior concept. Gispen supplied all the furniture, completely in line with the interior concept.



A medical centre advocating movement

Marianca Leeuwenburg, Project Supervisor Facility Management at Reinier Haga Group: "There are many independent orthopaedic treatment centres, but they are not linked to a hospital like RHOC is. The fact that RHOC can provide all types of procedures is quite unique. The orthopaedic centre is located right next to the hospital, which allows for interdisciplinary collaboration. Our ultimate goal was to create a pleasant environment for the patients, which applies to the building itself as well as its interior. A place that is quiet and transparent. An environment that encourages patients to be back on their feet again as quickly as possible. A great many day treatments take place at RHOC, but some patients have to stay overnight. It is especially for this group of patients that we are advocating movement."

A multi-storey view of the building

The building has three floors. The ground floor features a large central reception and waiting area (the Atrium), as well as consultation and examination rooms for patients. The first floor contains the nursing department and the second floor is where day treatments and operations take place. No matter where you are in the building, you always have a view of all the floors. At the nursing department, there are two large lounge areas from where you can look out on the dynamic Atrium. Everything is aimed at motivating patients to keep in motion. Gispen furnished all three floors.  


A warm, Scandinavian-type atmosphere

RHOC opted for many Gispen originals, including the Brunner Halm visitor's chair and TMNL Doc - a friendly, organically shaped conference table that allows doctor and patient (as well as their family members) to hold a consultation in comfort. NOMI Classic from the multifunctional NOMI chair collection was also supplied; sometimes with and sometimes without a cover. The Atrium and lounges are furnished with Queen chairs, a large recliner. The JUNA coach seats at the Atrium merge into the large green moss walls. The entire interior radiates tranquillity. Marianca: "I would describe it as a warm and Scandinavian-type atmosphere. Many rooms are white; it is the furniture that adds a touch of colour and warmth due to the wooden materials. We added striking elements for contrast, such as the coloured acoustic panels in between the desks, the Petrol coach seats and the green walls of the consultation and examination rooms.


Reuse & logistics

Many pieces of furniture have been reused for the new building. Nelleke: "We reused furniture from all three hospitals, including desks and visitors' chairs. These were mostly reinstated at the staff rooms. The patient rooms have been furnished with new furniture. The relocation posed a real challenge because RHOC is connected to the hospital next door, which meant that all the furniture had to get through one long corridor. Moreover, there was only one loading bay. Project supervisor Lieke van Casteren from Gispen managed the moving-in process (in the midst of the corona pandemic).


Are you satisfied with the result?

Marianca: "We couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. I had full confidence in Gispen, because Nelleke and I were always on the same page. Gispen understood what we needed, provided the right advice and was open to our suggestions. It was also great to see how much passion the Gispen fitters put into their work on site to literally create this wonderful result."



Photography: Chris van Koeverden

black and white portrait of Nelleke Lagerwerf
"Working on this project together with Gispen was a pleasant experience. The lines of communication were short and the work group - including some of the users of the furniture - provided us with very valuable input. We tried to establish a connection between the furniture and the interior concept of EGM Architects. An interior that supports different work methods; we supplied solutions such as sit-stand TM dual desks. Keeping in motion is important for all of us - not only for RHOC patients but also for our employees!"
Nelleke Lagerwerf Interior architect at Gispen
"Gispen understood what we needed, provided the right advice and was open to our suggestions."
Marianca Leeuwenburg Project Supervisor Facility Management at Reinier Haga Group
portrait of Marianca Leeuwenburg
Marianca Leeuwenburg - Project Supervisor Facility Management at Reinier Haga Group

The client's thoughts

"It was a very pleasant experience working on this project together with Gispen. It was truly a partnership. Together with Nelleke and a user group of future RHOC employees, we determined the functionalities of the furniture as well as the colour schemes and materials. We also tested out the furniture ourselves in the Gispen showroom. Being able to sit up straight, having a sturdy backrest, heavy tables to lean on - it is all important at our centre."

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