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Gispen is all about sustainable design. We strive to use sustainable materials for all the products we develop and produce. We also ensure that the components and materials of our products are easy to separate by the end of their lifecycles. This enables us to quickly and easily reuse furniture that is returned to us by our clients.

Sustainable use and high-value reuse of products and materials is our top priority. We develop new products according to the circular Design Framework. Where possible, we give furniture pieces a second lease of life (refurbishment) or give them a new function altogether (remanufacturing).

This is how we realise responsible production and consumption, fully in line with Sustainable Development Goal 12. Circular thinking and working is part of who we are. In everything we do, we work towards a fully circular business model.


We have developed our own range of colours, which ties in with our rich history and makes it possible to combine products from all our furniture collections. This is particularly interesting from a circular point of view. By creating colour uniformity, it becomes even easier to return products and subsequently reuse them in an educational, healthcare or office environment.

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Gispen offers samples to help you choose the colours of, for example, paint, tabletops and plastics used within a project. Or when ordering separate pieces of furniture. Colour samples can be ordered through our contact form. We also have a digital overview of all the samples: click here to visit the colour samples page.



Searching for sustainable alternatives is an ongoing process. Sustainability is in the minds of all our employees, with every decision they make. From designing a new product all the way through to production. We use Cradle 2 Cradle certified paint for all our table and chair frames as well as sheet material from recycled chipboard for all our table collections. 

It is also in other areas that we are constantly working towards more sustainable solutions. From packing materials to clever logistics and maintenance. We keep challenging ourselves to become more sustainable by the day! 


A few examples:



Gispen has been taking back used tabletops for many years; which we send to our partner Pfleiderer. They turn these items into new sheet material, which we then turn into new tabletops. Tabletops that are made of 100% recycled wood, fully closing this material loop!


We have made good progress when it comes to our paint solutions:

Our powder coating is totally free of toxic substances and our paint process is very sustainable: while powder coating, we collect and recover all residual powder. You cannot reuse the material infinitely, however, because the particles become too small in the end. Instead of discarding the material, we give it to an adhesive manufacturer that can use it in its production process.

Gispen has a selection of Cradle 2 Cradle certified paint colours in black, white and aluminium. We currently in the process of getting all our paints by the C2C recipe.

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Plastic is highly recyclable. We are constantly exploring the possibilities of this material. A good example is our Sett CE sofa - an even more sustainable alternative to the much-loved Sett sofa. The CE model consists of no less than 95% recycled materials! The frame of the sofa is made of 3D-printed material derived from plastic waste.

Initially, we used our own plastic waste for the production of the sofa, such as plastic doors from filing cabinets. By now, Gispen hardly has any plastic waste left, which we are very proud of. We started looking for other waste flows to exploit. We are now collaborating with other parties that can produce volume, so that we can make an impact together. A perfect example of chain cooperation!



The seat of our sustainable NOMI chair is unique in both its structure and composition: it is made of 90% recycled materials. The remaining 10% consists of a new thermoplastic polymer. This material is highly UV resistant and is easy to clean. The seats are manufactured through 'co-injection' technology.

A fabric cover can be added to NOMI chairs for extra comfort. It will come as no surprise that we  offer sustainable fabrics from suppliers that base their products on hemp and recycled plastic.


Together with our fabric suppliers, we have compiled selections of sustainable fabrics that we use in our products. Gispen works with various fabric suppliers that use materials such as hemp and recycled plastic. We encourage clients to opt for sustainable fabrics where possible.   


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Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your organisation? Feel free to contact us.

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We develop new products according to the latest insights in sustainability and the principles of the Circular Economy. It all starts on the drawing board, with a solid and well-thought-out design.

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Gispen promotes sustainable use by means of innovative furniture design and manufacturing as well as clever (re)use of furniture.

Whether our products are made from recycled or new materials, they all look and feel like new upon delivery. In other words, when we reuse old furniture or their components, the quality of the products you receive remains the same. Added benefits include energy savings and less material waste. In addition to the production of new furniture, we are dedicating an increasing part of our production capacity to clever reuse.

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