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Timeless design

Gispen Sett is a characteristic designer sofa providing amazing comfort. Designer Peter van de Water sought and found a unique balance between simplicity and comfort. The streamlined design and interesting details transform this sofa into a timeless model.

In addition to the original Sett sofa, Gispen has developed an improved, circular model to the series: Sett CE. This sofa is made out of no less than 95% recycled materials!

The shell of the sofa was created by 3D printing plastic waste. The foam of the seat and backrest, the polyester lining and the upholstery is also made of recycled materials. Moreover, all the materials this sofa consists of are separable; every single component can be reprocessed into a new product.

These innovative sustainable developments have been crowned with two awards: the Dutch Design Award and an award for Good Industrial Design.




Closed loop

Why is it so important to create a new resource out of plastic waste? Because plastic is worldwide problem that causes massive damage to the environment, people and animals. The equivalent of one truckload of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute. This equals 1440 truckloads every 24 hours and 8 BILLION kilos a year (source: plastic soup foundation).

We add value to plastic waste by reprocessing it into a designer product!



We transform plastic waste by 3D printing the shell of the sofa out of this material.

Making of

Watch the video and learn how we produce and continue to develop the sustainable SETT CE sofa. 

In practice

‘The Sett CE sofa is a wonderful sofa, which contributes to a homely atmosphere but is also business-like due to its sleek design. The seat is comfortable, firm and ensures an active posture for a proper seat during a (business) meeting.’

Wendy Zandvliet, location coordinator Royal FloraHolland



Royal FloraHolland   landscapem
SETT CE sofa at the sustainable Royal Flora Holland office


Winner of the Dutch Design Award; a quote from the jury report:

"With this product, Gispen has produced the perfect result of years of research and development in the circular industry. The workable, circular system for a consumer product of this scale is praised and can serve as an example for the entire manufacturing industry. The innovation is not so much in its shape, but rather in the way it is created and how it functions. This is an example of the new aesthetic standard in circular design: the sofa does not advertise its sustainable features, instead its reuse of materials is silently incorporated into a timeless design."


SETT CE is made of 95% recycled materials


The plastic waste can be reused up to ten times in the production of new designer products

Product specifications

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Brand Gispen
Designer Peter van de Water
Furniture line SETT
Size 178/198/218 x 68 x 44
Material The seat is upholstered with a choice of different fabrics (see brochure).
Color Always with black legs.

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