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Canon Production Printing has built its head office amidst nature in Venlo. An open and transparent square building with seven storeys, where the interior and exterior blend into one another seamlessly. The Green Plazas and large public courtyards ensure a continuous connection with the building’s surroundings, as well as establish a connection between people by providing a meeting place for employees and visitors. Sustainability was an important criterion for Canon, both in terms of the building and its interior. Gispen joined forces with M+R interior architecture in furnishing the entire building: partly based on reuse and refurbishment, and partly with new, sustainably designed and manufactured products.


The new head office of Canon Production Printing, designed by architectural firm Broekbakema, features no less than 15,500 m2 and can accommodate approximately 550 employees. Eric Knorr, Facility Account Manager and Site Management HQ Venlo: "We wanted our new head office to be defined by openness, transparency, connection and communication. And we have certainly succeeded! Large glass panes provide beautiful light and a wide view of the wooded surroundings. The Green Plazas, which link together two floors, are great central meeting places. These courtyards are open, airy and green and encourage people to interact and hold informal consultations or team meetings here.”

An everlasting design

M+R interior architecture produced the interior design, including an innovative workstation concept. They also provided signage for the entire site and head office. Hans Maréchal: “We immediately caught onto the basic idea of the Green Plazas, which serves as the central hub for several storeys, and thought it was important to match the exterior with the interior. We also wanted to create a building that has an everlasting design: accessible, versatile, open and timeless – in 20 years' time it still had be a thing of beauty. The interior is entirely filled with light and natural colours. The DNA of Canon Production Printing is reflected in the printed patterns on the carpets and walls, for example. We organised extensive sessions with employees to compile ideas on the layout of the work environments. Using 3D models, they were able to design examples of their ideal workspace. The result is a sophisticated landscape that features both open and more enclosed workspaces that hold a maximum of 8 workstations, which are not only comfortable but also acoustically sound.”


Used furniture and designer classics refurbished

When entering the building, you will encounter a large open area with a foyer, a restaurant with a large patio and an auditorium with 170 seats. The Green Plazas are found on the upper levels, which all serve as the connection between two floors. The first floor houses a complete conference centre with rooms that will accommodate up to 40 people. Eric Knorr: “When it came to the interior design, Gispen had good ideas on clever reuse of furniture: what can still be used, what comes where and how do we create unity? I believe this is one of Gispen’s strong suits.

Bas de Jong, Gispen account manager: “Used Castelli chairs from the former company restaurants were perfect contenders for reuse at the Green Plazas, combined with new furniture from Gispen. We refurbished 200 used office chairs and we upgraded 50 conference tables for the conference rooms. We also reused the conference chairs that came from the foyer of the former head office. In addition, we thoroughly refurbished 100 used Ahrend 230 conference chairs: these were given a fresh powder coating and the seats and backrests were newly upholstered. The result is absolutely stunning! Also worth mentioning: we reupholstered 15 Cassina Utrecht armchairs – a true designer classic. Canon already owned these and they are now scattered across the different floors.”


New, sustainable and bespoke furniture

Gispen supplied Gispen TMNL desks for the work environment – all sit-stand models for easy switching between positions. The conference centre is provided with Casala conference tables. We also supplied supplied all the sliding door cabinets: SDK with wooden planters on top. Gispen installed a custom-made table of 7.2 by 3.2 metres at the boardroom, with a barrel-shaped tabletop with an oak veneer finish and integrated power outlets. We also worked together with Mobelli to supply custom cinema chairs for the auditorium, in a luxury V setup. Gispen also provided a full cable management service for the workstations and conference tables.


What do you think of the result?

Eric Knorr: "The result is fantastic. The colours come out well when the natural light comes in. When combined with the furniture, it creates a very relaxing work environment. The implementation of the project went extremely well, including the phased delivery per floor. And it was by no means a small project! I am also very satisfied with the coordination and communication, for which all credit goes to Bas and project supervisor Ed Wulterkens. The commissioning of our new head office was delayed by corona, unfortunately. Initially, 50% of the workstations will be put to use, but in the long term I'm certain that everyone will be able to work here in a pleasant and inspired way.”


Building: architect: BroekBakema | interior architect: M+R interior architecture | photography: Norbert van Onna

Interior: M+R interior architecture | Photography Studio de Winter

Gispen was able to meet and substantiate all our circular requirements, including the necessary certifications.
Eric Knorr Facility Account Manager and Site Management HQ Venlo
portrait of Eric Knorr
Eric Knorr - Facility Account Manager and Site Management HQ Venlo

The client’s thoughts

'We find it very important that our furnishing partner shares our vision of sustainability. It is equally important that they can make this vision tangible, from sustainable use of wood to meeting sustainable textile standards as well as using recycled materials and allowing for easy separation of these materials. Gispen was able to meet and substantiate all our requirements, including the necessary certifications. Moreover, they were very helpful to our interior designer. Quite a few changes were made while the project was already underway, but this was never a problem and we always had short lines of communication. This is why the project has become such a success.'

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