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Do you need a new or renewed interior and do you decide to work with Gispen? Then we will look together for the most optimal interpretation. We use a clear step-by-step plan. First, we will always ask you about the purpose of a new design: who works in your organization, and what do you want to achieve together? We then take a number of steps – in the ideal picture – together with you:

Step 1

We map out the work processes of your employees via an initial 'scan'. Important questions are, for example: what activities are currently taking place within your organization? And are there perhaps new or extra activities that you would like to facilitate within your interior?

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Step 2

We discuss the optimal activity zoning within your work, care or learning environment. More concretely: Which spaces and areas are available? And how can we optimally organize these for the (desired) activities that take place within your office, healthcare or educational institution?

Step 3

We zoom in even further. Together we determine which furnishing elements are needed within your organization. Of course we also look at what you already have at home, and how we can possibly reuse these products in a smart way if you wish. The goal is: a carefully considered variation in and combination of different furnishing elements. Within your available spaces and work, care or learning areas.

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Step 4

We discuss what is desired in terms of facilities and accessories. With this we have really arrived at a detailed level. Consider, for example, acoustic panels, workplace cabling or mood makers such as carpets and lighting.

Changing ways of learning, caring, working

Naturally, we move with the times and with the developments within your organization. Learning, care and working environments are in constant motion to a greater or lesser extent. Technological developments have their impact. Demographic developments have an influence, from the aging of the population to the fact that today's workplaces often have several generations working at the same time. In addition, organizations develop in the social field. We are pleased to see that more and more attention is being paid to issues such as sustainability, inclusivity (‘everyone counts and participates’) and social entrepreneurship.

Gispen moves with you

Gispen thinks (pro)actively about an interior design and furnishing that will keep you going for years to come. Circular furnishing is our area of expertise. We continuously adapt our services and our sustainably designed product range to current working conditions and the working environments of the future. Gispen believes in work environments with a future.

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Would you like to know more about our working method or a non-binding advice about your environment?


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