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This Privacy Policy describes how Gispen Nederland B.V. is treating, collecting and using personal data. With “personal data” we mean pieces of information that can be used to indicate or locate an existing (natural) person. With the use of this website outside of the Netherlands local laws may apply.



Gispen Nederland B.V.  may only use personal data for commercial or other legal purposes, such as:

- when this is necessary for our legitimate interests in connection to the exploitation of the website, including process optimization and maintenance of the website, providing information to you, direct marketing;

- when you approved the specific, defined objectives and legitimate purposes; and/or

- when this is required by law.

Personal data provided by you

Contact form – we could collect your personal data if you voluntarily fill out the contact form on our website. This may include personal data such as your salutation, name, company name, e-mail address and phone number. This personal data will only be used to respond to your questions and/or to provide services and/or information that you requested.

Customer service – we could collect your personal data if you contact our customer service for questions and/or complaints. We will only use this data in order to be able to assist you with your questions and/or complaints.

Events – if you register for one of our events we will together with your registration ask for your salutation, name, company name, title, e-mail address and phone number. We will share your name, title and company name with the other participants to the same event.

Marketing – if you provided us with your contact details, we could contact you through phone, e-mail or regular mail for marketing purposes in connection to our services and our website, unless you let us know you do not wish to receive these types of marketing.

Marketing Opt-Out – you have the right to, at each moment and without any costs, unsubscribe from marketing communication by letting us know at info@gispen.nl or by using the unsubscribe link that is included in every marketing e-mail that you will receive from us.


Gispen Nederland B.V. will, in principle, not provide personal data of her customers to parties outside Gispen Nederland B.V. Within Gispen Nederland B.V. personal data can be shared. However, some services that we provide require the involvement of third parties. We select these third parties very carefully and take into account all legally required measurements to ensure your personal data is sufficiently protected. To these third parties personal data will only be provided in case this third party needs the data in order to be able to provide the service. This third party, the data processor, is obligated to act by the instructions of Gispen Nederland B.V., cannot disclose personal data without a specific authority, is obligated to implement sufficient operational and technical security measurements and is obligated to allow Gispen Nederland B.V. to check the compliance thereof. 

We could provide your personal data to other third parties, such as national regulators and law enforcement authorities, in case we are legally obliged to do so, or when this is required in case of the prevention and investigation of fraud, other criminal offences and/or to ensure network and information security.

Social media providers collect personal data directly. Please check the privacy policy of the relevant social media provider for more information on what personal data is collected and used.


While collecting personal data, we aim to collect as little personal data as possible. Gispen Nederland B.V. may only collect personal data that is adequate, relevant and not excessive. We will destroy or delete irrelevant or excessive data in a safe way. Your personal data will be kept for as long as this is required to provide our best services. For certain data we are obliged to keep these for a longer time, for example when this is required by law.


Gispen Nederland B.V. cares about good security of your personal data. Therefore, we have taken appropriate security measurements to protect your personal data and to prevent unauthorised access, disclosure, use, amendment and destruction thereof.


Gispen Nederland B.V. acknowledges that information provided by you can be confidential. We will never allow incorrect or unlawful use of confidential information. We will preserve the confidentiality of your personal data and protect this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and all applicable legislation.


You have the right to: 

- object to the use of personal data;

- examination and rectification of personal data;

- be forgotton;

- at all times, object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes

In case you would like to know what information we collected about you, or in case you wish to use any of your other rights, please contact us at: info@gispen.nl.


Our Privacy Policy can be amended at all times by us. You will find the most recent version on this page. This version is last revised on June 6, 2018.