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Jeroen Bosch Hospital strives to be the most patient-friendly hospital of the Netherlands. This ambition is reflected in the largely open spaces with warm colours, plenty of daylight and often with a view of the surrounding nature. Gispen has brought a piece of nature inside with natural colours and wall murals in shades of green, which contribute to a pleasant environment where patients and visitors feel at ease and where staff can work pleasantly and efficiently.    

Redesigning the entrance

Gispen has been the permanent furnishing partner of Jeroen Bosch Hospital since 2011, providing input on various interior design challenges from its specialist knowledge of healthcare furnishings. In 2020, Gispen redesigned the entrance including the pharmacy in collaboration with EGM Architects. Gispen was given the task to create a homely atmosphere and to improve the connection between this area and the hospital itself.

Comfortable and cosy

Nelleke Lagerwerf, Gispen interior architect: "The entrance has become cosier and more functional. The host or hostess now has their own piece of furniture. The tables are made of reclaimed wood and are surrounded by new and vintage Eames bucket seats by Vitra. The entrance is often used as a waiting area by less mobile elderly people who are waiting for their taxis to arrive. It is for them that Gispen installed comfortable sofas by Havee. These sofas are made-to-measure and have armrests that make it easier to stand up.   


Paying attention to hygiene

It goes without saying that we paid extra attention to hygiene and healthcare-specific upholstery. The sofas have been upholstered in a special green fabric that is impervious to moisture and easy to clean. Gispen fitted baseboards to the sofas to prevent dust from getting under them."


New upholstery for used footstools

The adjoining pharmacy was renovated as well as expanded. Gispen also supplied this area with extra pieces of furniture, including two waiting benches. A number of new Vitra Eames traverse benches were added to those that were already there. The footstools, which are placed in the shape of a cross, were completely reupholstered. Revitalisation is a major priority for Gispen. By refurbishing the footstools they will last for another decade, which is very sustainable.


Emergency Room (ER) expansion

The layout of the Emergency Room was a much-discussed issue in Covid times. The waiting room was already cramped and social distancing could not be realised there. The decision was made to build a mobile extension. Nelleke Lagerwerf: "Although the extension is temporary, great effort was put into making it comfortable and atmospheric. Out of our five proposals the hospital opted for a layout with tandem seats. The modular elements in various colours are equipped with an armrest and a higher backrest. All the furniture is raised on feet, making it an airy environment. The walls were given different colours to those used in other rooms. By being creative with the space whilst facilitating social distancing, there is no need for any barriers which makes for a very pleasant atmosphere."   


Homely Heart Lounge

Gispen realised a homely lounge concept for the Cardiac Emergency Room. Patients no longer lie in their beds to undergo treatment, but sit comfortably in a pleasant space that does not feel like a hospital. Nelleke Lagerwerf: "Some patients prefer to recover quietly from a catheterisation, others look for cosiness. We created a variety of seating areas, using plants to provide an airy partition. We also installed two recliners near a seating area, as well as two recliners that form their own corner.


Clever use of colour

The lighting needed some consideration because there is a bridge outside peering just above the windows. We therefore applied fresh colours to the space in addition to a variety of lamps. Especially when there is little light, you shouldn’t use the bright green you see elsewhere at the hospital, but a softer, light green. It was for the same reason that we decided to not apply a mural on the wall here, but instead opt for artificial plants. The comfortable armchairs are orange in colour, which provides a nice contrast to all the greenery."


What do you think of the result?

Vanessa van Zutphen, Acute Cardiac Unit Coordinator: "Gispen had to work with a hospital concept but at the same time create warmth. And they succeeded with flying colours. The many seating areas provide the patient with the option to either withdraw together with a relative or to sit at the table with others. The sofas are given light colours that contribute to the warm atmosphere. I would never have dared to choose it myself, because we sometimes have to deal with blood spatters here, but it's easy to clean. Gispen doesn't impose, but listens carefully and then comes up with a solution that is even better." 



Photography: Chris van Koeverden

black and white portrait of Nelleke Lagerwerf
Nelleke Lagerwerf


“Jeroen Bosch Hospital appreciates our professionalism, versatility and quality. We are a very involved partner and think along with the hospital on how to put people at the centre of their hospital's interior design. We have a keen eye for comfort and atmosphere. Shades of green can be found throughout the hospital and there are murals depicting the hospital's green surroundings on the walls. This establishes a link with the area that people recognise.”

Vanessa van Zutphen Acute Cardiac Unit Coordinator
portrait of klantfoto Jeroen Bosch ziekenhuis
Vanessa Van Zutphen, Acute Cardiac Unit Coordinator

The client’s thoughts

“Patients who visit the Heart Lounge usually have an eventful day ahead of them. We wanted to reduce their stress levels by creating a homely atmosphere. Gispen listened very well to our wishes and knew how to strike the right chord. The beautiful and warm concept is everything and more that we could think of. Gispen introduced ideas that we hadn't thought of ourselves. There is now a wardrobe with lockers with a coat rack that is also suitable for long winter coats, for example, and the relax chairs have footstools. Patients tell us they feel less ill here. These can all be considered compliments to Gispen!”

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