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Sustainable design guides how we design our collection and services. We create timeless design icons with an eye for the future. This way, Gispen furniture can be used 'as new' for generations. And it remains at the Gispen Circular Roundabout:

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Optimal use

Gispen furniture has a circular design. Because the design is high-quality, timeless and easy to disassemble, we can easily repair or replace damaged parts.

This is the best basis for optimal use of the furniture. By taking good care of it, maintaining and repairing it, we extend its lifespan. We also offer the option of 'leasing' furniture - or 'Furniture as a Service (FaaS)' - so that the design can be adjusted if needs change.

Maximum value retention

If organizations no longer want to use the furniture, we focus on maximum value retention. The most sustainable option is to reuse or revitalize the furniture. We clean it, replace the upholstery or give it a new paint color. This furniture is part of our Gispen REVIVED collection. And we use it for the same or another user. Always with the quality guarantee of the Circular Hub. In this way we do everything we can to keep furniture usable for as long as possible, to postpone recycling as long as possible and to avoid waste.

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Circular consultant Gispen


'Our customers often think that they need new furniture to properly facilitate a new working concept. Our product designer and I regularly surprise clients with all the options for reusing existing furniture. Then in the evening I come home whistling and satisfied.

I am always looking for optimal options for the raw materials that are released by our customers. Closing the circles, that is the ultimate goal. Gispen is making good progress with all the products we are revitalizing!'



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