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Working in comfort is not only pleasant, it is also important for the well-being of your employees. Those who can work comfortably, will feel more energised. But what does 'comfort' mean to your organisation? It may entail ergonomics, acoustics, lighting and climate control.


Acoustic advice and measurements

Good acoustics will allow people to relax and find focus in their work environment. The interior architects at Gispen are kept informed of the latest guidelines and can advise you on suitable acoustic solutions. For doing so, we would preferably make a visit to your organisation so that we can take your office layout and interior design into account before making any recommendations. We can also have one of our external partners conduct a professional acoustic measurement for you.


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Ergonomic advice: Gispen can also provide you with ergonomic advice – what is the correct way of using and adjusting your furniture? And how can you do so in both a pleasant and responsible way? Our account managers and product managers are kept up to date with the latest guidelines in ergonomics, upon which they will base their advice. Are you in need of tailored advice due to specific health issues, for example? In that case we will ask one of our partners to step in. We can also provide ergonomic passports; a passport tailored to each and every employee. 


The client’s thoughts

"Gispen has supplied our company with 560 Zinn office chairs. You have invested in good chairs; that demands proper advice, which is why everyone was given instructions on how to use the Zinn office chairs properly. We have even had an instruction video made for our intranet site. Gispen also organised three plenary instruction sessions. Together with Gispen and Gardien, we have adapted the existing workstations to make them perfectly compatible with the new chairs. Every employee now has their own personal workstation profile. A method I can recommend to everyone."

Bart Langendijk
Procurement officer at Atradius

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