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Knowing exactly what you need for a new or renewed work, healthcare or education environment is a good starting point. What type of activities take place within your organisation? What kind of atmosphere would work best with those activities? How many workstations do you need in total? Whether you opt for a modern or more traditional office layout - Gispen can fully map out your interior requirements and wishes. Gispen can provide you with:



Tailor-made workshop

workshop tailored to your specific wishes for your interior. Both for you and (a number of) your employees, developed by our architects and hosted by one of them. This workshop will result into good insight into what a preliminary design would look like. 


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Online work process survey

An online working process survey, in order to get a better understanding of who does what, with whom, when and where. The survey results will - in turn - form a solid basis for a Programme of Requirements. 



Occupancy rate measurement

An occupany assessment of your branch or department. It is important to know the minimum number of workstations that is to be facilitated. There are several ways to calculate such numbers; our specialists will be happy to provide assistance!


Brightlands Center Court   landscapem
Brightlands Center Court   landscapem

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