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Gispen office project factory in Culemborg 43W9769

International human rights

We actively ensure that the conditions of all people who are involved in our supply chain comply with current international human rights and the regulations of the United Nations. We distance ourselves from corruption and respect human rights, ethics in labour and the environment. Gispen has its own Code of Conduct and all its employees are fully committed to this code.


Code of Conduct

When interacting with each other and those in the outside world, we work together and avoid any form of discrimination, intimidation or aggression. We treat each other with respect and value each other's individual contributions. It is precisely because of the diversity of our team members that we complement and strengthen one another. In addition, we respect every employee's right to join a labour union.

As an employer, we offer every employee equal opportunities and we reward them on the basis of individual qualities, potential, skills and experience. The Gispen workforce is diverse in terms of gender, sexual orientation, culture and age. We strive to create opportunities for groups that are disadvantaged in the labour market. We expect our employees to have a sense of duty to avoid conflicts of interest and corruption.


Supply chain responsibility

It goes without saying that Gispen also looks beyond the boundaries of its own company. We take steps in supply chain responsibility and work with like-minded partners. We also bring our vision of social fairness to the attention of our suppliers. We keep a critical approach and continuously focus on opportunities for improvement. We comply with international human rights for all those involved.

Circular Policy Statement

When it comes to the environment: we strive to work towards a better world and we are taking concrete steps to realise a circular economy. In doing so, we continuously measure and improve our environmental impact. Our circular policy statement serves as a guiding principle for all our business operations - socially responsible and sustainable.

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