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Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem has placed the care for women, (expectant) mothers, infants, children and adolescents under one roof in their new Centrum voor Vrouw en Kind (Centre for Woman and Child). The centre has been fully operational since mid-2021. Gispen furnished the interior, which truly does justice to the high-quality and specialist care that is provided at Rijnstate. Extra effort has gone into making the interior especially pleasant for women and children. 


Rijnstate hospital offers family rooms where mother and child are cared for. Their partners can stay with them in the same room both during and after labour. Partners can make use of a modular piece of furniture, the so-called Sleepover, which can be used as a seat during the day and folds out into a comfortable bed at night. At the department of paediatrics, mainly single rooms have been created where parents or caregivers can stay over.

A solid partnership

The centre is engulfed in shades of purple and green, which are a reference to the moorland colours of the Posbank, a nature reserve near Arnhem. Sabine Gorter, Account Manager at Gispen: 'Rijnstate had already worked out the design in detail. Dimensions, floors, colours - everything was laid out in a manual that was drawn up in close consultation with the users. Rijnstate was already aware of our products and how they can be used because of previous projects we had worked on together. The MultiLounge is a good example, which is widely used at Rijnstate and is once again applied to this project. This is a modular sofa system by Gispen which comes in a wide range of colours. Some products, such as the medical chairs, could be carried over from the previous department. In choosing new furniture, Rijnstate deliberately opted for products that contain easily separable components. This allows us to easily change or replace these components when needed, giving them a new lease of life.'


Sustainability and quality

Natasja Djukic, Project Manager Moving and Housing Office Rijnstate: 'We opted for Gispen because of their focus on sustainability and high-quality design. Gispen provides active input and fulfils our wishes very effectively. Take the Sleepover rooming-in concept, for example, which was specially modified to fit in our Centre for Women and Children. So far, we have received very positive reactions to this piece of furniture. When women have just given birth, they would clearly want to withdraw in a private room with her partner and newborn child. The Sleepover is also used at the paediatric ward, allowing one of the parents to sleep with their child and be able to sit at a table during the day. Thus, staying in direct contact with the child.'


Custom solutions

Sabine: 'Gispen designed the Sleepover so that family members can stay with the patient both during the day and at night. After all, the presence of a family member will contribute to a patient's recovery. Rijnstate first took the furniture concept for a trial run. It then turned out that they needed a smaller item because of the dimensions of the new rooms. The requirement is that a doctor has enough space around the bed to be able to act promptly in case of an emergency. We made adjustments to the item and added a folding table. The changes we made for Rijnstate can now also be used for other clients. The Sleepover has been a wonderful team effort.'    


Reactivating Rijnstate

It is through various renovations and new construction activities that Rijnstate is working hard to continue to provide the best care in the future. Architect Gortemaker Algra Feenstra (GAF) helped create a reactivating Rijnstate: how can the hospital be designed in such a way that it invites patients to work on their recovery during their stay? An entire storey was built on top of the Centre for Women & Children with this same philosophy in mind, where the departments of Geriatrics and Oncology are now located. Other departments will get the same treatment in the future. Architect Femke Feenstra: 'GAF has conducted research into how the spatial environment of a hospital can contribute to activating its patients. The answer is a hospital where the actual hospital bed becomes less important but where the corridors become part of the living environment, which is mostly used by nurses and is filled with carts. We were looking for a fresh, new and active approach and Gispen had matching ideas. We are currently exploring how our interior and furniture can contribute to activating patients even more.'   

portrait of Femke Feenstra
Femke Feenstra - Gortemaker Algra Feenstra (GAF)


'We have a great partnership with Gispen, in which we enthusiastically explore the future of the new healthcare environment. Many hospitals are being renovated with a focus on sustainable and affordable care. The care environment is changing: patients are spending less time in their rooms and more emphasis is put on other places patients can spend time in: workstations, lounge areas, activity areas and relaxation areas. Fresh and active furniture will contribute to patients getting out of bed quicker and finding a chair or lounge area.'

Natasja Djukic Project Manager Moving and Housing Office Rijnstate
Natasja Djukic    DownloadLarge
Natasja Djukic - Project Manager Moving and Housing Office Rijnstate


'Five years ago, Gispen won a tender that was published by Rijnstate for furnishing a newly constructed ward. As a result, they became our leading supplier. We were looking for a partner that produces high-quality design and strives for sustainability and circular interior design at the same time. Their exceptionally good presentation on ergonomics made an impression on us. Although Rijnstate has produced its own designs, we are well aware that Gispen has the expertise and will provide us with proper advice and assistance. Overall, Gispen is a flexible partner that caters to our needs. The Sleepover rooming-in concept at the Centre for Women and Children is a good example of this. Gispen and Rijnstate simply work well together.'

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