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Many organisations are now familiar with the benefits of flexible spaces and open offices. They provide connection and promote encounters. But at the same time they provide extra distraction and stimuli. Especially now that videoconferencing is on the rise.

Qabin Call is the answer to the increasing need for flexibility and activity-related work methods. This unit creates a space for those who need silence within an (open) work environment.


Various activities often take place at the same time in work environments, with each activity producing its own level of noise. Providing sufficient space for people to (temporarily) isolate themselves will contribute to the right balance in the workplace. The increasing number of video calls  also requires a solution that allows employees to withdraw from the bustle of the office for longer periods of time. Qabin Call provides that solution.

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You can personalise Qabin Call to suit your needs. You can simply add the elements you need at that particular time. Qabin Call is larger than most telephone booths on the market; the 120 cm deep unit will facilitate both a seated and standing position. This means that Qabin Call can also be used for tasks that take longer than a single phone call. The standing version contributes to more variety in the workplace and therefore to healthy working.


Qabin Call is ideal for taking video calls. There is ample space for placing a laptop or tablet on the table. Power is always within reach due to the integrated power outlet and USB charger.

Royal Ahrend interior view of Inspiration Centre AIC in Amsterdam AB690B


  • Speech intelligibility reduction class B in accordance with ISO 23351
  • Interior finish: soft sound-absorbing wool
  • Magnetically closing door
  • One full air exchange every minute
  • Adjustable air ventilation and automatic light switch
  • Natural air conditioning
  • A complete ergonomic workstation
  • Standard electrification: 1 power outlet and 1 USB charger
  • Choose between a seated or standing position; facilitating different activities


The Silence Collection is designed to evolve with the times, which makes it a sustainable solution. The collection is built in such a way that any component is easily upgraded or replaced. Moreover, the interior of the unit can be furnished differently at any time to meet new requirements. Right there on site.


28,22% of all materials used to manufacture Qabin Call are recycled


Qabin Call is 94,32% recyclable in the future


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Brand Ahrend
Designer Marck Haans
Size Exterior: 100x120x223 cm. Interior: 84x114x207 cm.
Material See brochure.
Color See brochure.
Options Protective panel. Whiteboard for outside. Monitor arm. Fabric cover for the outside. Integrated wheels to easily move the box.
Adjustability See brochure.


Anyone who looks for an Ahrend Qabin to work in a focused manner or make undisturbed calls not only wants peace, but also privacy. To create an extra feeling of privacy, we offer a number of comfortable and attractive options. You can choose from:
  • Privacy glass that you can turn on and off as desired.
  • Wooden slats, available in natural and black stained oak.
  • Stickers; create your own design.
  • Net curtains; for a homely feeling.

Smart PuK powered by Zens

The smart PuK powered by Zens is a sensor that measures whether a workplace is occupied. Upon arrival at the office, you can see in real time via a dashboard which workplaces are already occupied and which are still available. If a workplace is hardly used, this becomes clear and the workplace can be moved or removed to ensure optimal occupancy. The PuK signals whether a workplace is potentially broken or needs maintenance or cleaning. With the PuK it is also possible to charge your phone or airpods wirelessly. The LED ring on the PuK shows the occupancy with colours.

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