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Many organisations find it important to have a flexible interior layout. More and more environments within schools, hospitals, offices and hospitality establishments are made to serve multiple functions. A school cafeteria can also be used for a large presentation, for example, or a reception area can be used for serving drinks. Folding table FLOO is the perfect solution for such occasions; FLOO offers ease of use and versatility, combined with a timeless design.


The corner and rectangular connecting pieces allow you to quickly create one large or several small configurations. The corner connecting pieces also provide an extra seat at the table.

You can easily attach felt panels to the underside of the tabletop if more privacy is required for a large setup. An (optional) power socket can be integrated into the tabletop if power is needed during a meeting or class. Flexible cable tubing can be run under the tabletop and around the table legs for neat and tidy cable management.

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The wide variety of colours and materials will allow you to easily create the folding table that is perfect for your organisation, ensuring that your FLOO product matches your work method and interior design.

FLOO is equipped with steel table legs as standard. There are two frame options. The Pro version has an aluminium frame in a variety of modules, offering maximum possibilities with a minimum number of components. The Light version has a steel frame and is the most economical and sustainable variant.


FLOO is ideally suited for multifunctional spaces because this folding table is stored very compactly and is moved easily by one person. There are castors integrated into two of the table legs which allow you to easily move the table without any lifting or shifting. When you are done using your folding table you can place it on a stacking trolley, which will fit ten folding tables. The tables are strapped down for safe transport, making the compact FLOO very user-friendly.


  • The folding tables are perfect for a multifunctional room
  • Easy to move, without any lifting due to the integrated castors
  • The folding tables are easily connected to one another
  • Can be stowed compactly and vertically, with ten tables on a single trolley
  • Can be folded and stowed away by a single person
  • All the components are interchangeable due to its modular system
  • The built-in chair hanger allows you to hang chairs from the tabletop in a single action for easy cleaning


When we were designing FLOO we already took account of future returns and reuse of components and materials. Gispen takes responsibility for the entire lifespan of its products. When a FLOO table is at the end of its lifecycle, it can be reused within a new production process.



It is possible to stow away 10 folding tables in 1m2


The tabletop is 100% circular. Truly closing the loop!


Open the drop-down menu below for documentation and more information on the materials and specifications.

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