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If you work from home on a regular basis, you should consider a proper, ergonomic office chair. Especially because you often spend more time on this chair than you would realise. The ZINN Smart home office chair helps you adopt an ergonomic posture while sitting behind your desk and is also very comfortable and easy to adjust. The armrests can be adjusted in both height and width for optimum support of your arms. Good for your shoulder and neck muscles! Relaxation is guaranteed. Naturally, the chair complies with the current occupational health and safety standards.




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Office Chair Gispen Zinn Smart Black

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The flexible netweave backrest will form itself to the contours of your body and provides ventilation. The adjustable lumbar support will support your back in the perfect spot. This is what makes this home office chair so comfortable. Do you move around a lot in your seat while sitting behind your desk? ZINN Smart will make this a lot easier due to its dynamic synchronous mechanism. When combined with 3D adjustable armrests, you will have the perfect office chair for your home workspace.

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Open the drop-down menu below for documentation and more information on the materials and specifications.

Brand Gispen
Designer Justus Kolberg
Furniture line Thuiswerken
Size Chair: 63Wx50Dx110H cm. Parcel size: 69Wx39Dx74H cm. Seat: depth 46 cm, width 46cm. Armrest: length 22 cm, width 9 cm. Backrest: height 57cm, width 49 cm.
Material Upholstered seat and netweave backrest. Soft castors, without brake.
Color Black
Options Maximum load: 110kg
Adjustability Seat height adjustment: 41 - 55 cm. Seat depth adjustment: 38 - 48cm. Lumbar support adjustment: 11 - 21 cm above the seat. Dynamic synchronous mechanism with forward tilt (seat can be tilted backwards and forwards) for alternating positions. Armrests: height 16-26 cm, distance in between armrests 46-54 cm, width adjustment 46-53.5 cm.
Terms and conditions
  • A 2-year factory warranty applies to this product | returns: within 14 days (postage not covered by Gispen) | product exchange: at no cost within 30 days


  • Easy to adjust
  • Optimal support while working behind your desk.
  • The motion technology makes it easy to shift your body and change postures.
  • Seat depth adjustment of 10 cm.
  • Multi-functional castors suitable for both hard and soft floors
  • Extra comfort and a gentle appearance due to the upholstered seat and netweave backrest.

How to properly adjust your chair

How do you properly adjust an office chair according to own body features? Watch this short instruction video and find out how straightforward it actually is.



The Gispen ZINN Smart Home Office chair has been designed according to circular principles and is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified. All its recycled materials have been approved and are safe to use. Everything is sustainable, up to and including the upholstery which is Oëko-tex certified. The modular design with standardised components makes it easy to reuse the materials and components of this chair.


Zinn Smart 20 is produced with 100% green energy.


This product consists of more than 55% recycled materials.


The packing materials are 100% reusable and recyclable.

Thuiswerken faciliteren

If you would like to support your employees in working remotely, you can turn to Gispen for a great many solutions. You can either purchase products for permanent use, or rent them for a short period of time. Are you looking for even more flexibility? A lease agreement might then be the solution for you. We offer it all.

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The main difference between our home office chairs is the type of motion mechanism. The Gispen Zinn Smart and Zinn Smart NPR are equipped with a synchronous mechanism that makes it possible to lean backwards while seated. You can also tilt the seat forwards so that you can sit in a more upright position at your desk. The Ahrend 2020 has a synchronous mechanism where the backrest and seat move in relation to each other. If, for example, the back moves backwards by 2 degrees, the seat automatically moves backwards by 1 degree.         


If you want to change postures regularly, we recommend the Zinn Smart home office chair. The synchronous mechanism delivers counter-pressure that can be fully adjusted to your body weight. When you leave the mechanism in its idle position, you will still have optimal back support.   


The main difference between the 'regular' Zinn Smart and the NPR variant is found in the armrests: Zinn Smart is equipped with 3D and Zinn Smart with 4D armrests. The regular Zinn Smart will suit most people. We recommend the Zinn Smart NPR for slim people, because the armrests can be adjusted to an extra narrow position.

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