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Jordan Montessori Lyceum Utrecht opened several large study areas and study plazas within walking distance of its main building in Zeist in order to support its students in their learning and development process. These facilities had to be furnished in a short period of time. The Montessori lyceum explicitly opted for used student desks and chairs from Gispen's Circular Hub. 'We want to make our students aware of the value and infinite use of raw materials. The added benefits of reused furniture are the availability and favourable price.'      

No objections against used furniture

'A total of 120 desks and 120 chairs for new study areas. Delivered within a short time frame, with no objections against circular and used products.' This was, in short, the assignment that headmaster Geert Looyschelder presented to Gispen right before the new academic year started. Gispen quickly responded to this request; 6,000 students desk sets had recently been returned to us from Wageningen University & Research (WUR), which we repurposed for other educational establishments such as Jordan Montessori.

Circularity as part of the strategy
The headmaster has integrated circularity as part of the strategic policy of Jordan Montessori. 'We want to contribute to a better world and make our students aware of the value and infinity of raw materials. Student-proofing is all very well, but we think our students should treat things with respect and be aware of their fragility and value. I think you can promote that by telling them where the items are from and what they are made of. When students set out to paint and furnish a room themselves, they will first look for paint leftovers and get a lamp from the thrift shop, for example. It's great to have access to Gispen's Circular Hub with people who think along with you, give advice and offer opportunities to give substance to circularity in various ways.'    

Revived: a second lease of life
One of the core activities of the Circular Hub is to take used furniture and to put it back into use. Robbert de Jonge, Circular Consultant at the Circular Hub: 'The least environmentally intrusive way to supply furniture is to give used furniture a second life. We do so by refurbishing furniture through our Revived label. This includes reupholstering chairs, replacing damaged tabletops on otherwise flawless desks, and giving outdated furniture other technical or aesthetic upgrades. The furniture is given a serious upgrade: every screw, nut, mechanism and system is checked and improved where necessary. Upholstery is deep-cleaned or replaced. The result is a perfectly functioning, more durable and future-proof product that will last for years to come.’

Circular services
In addition to refurbishing used furniture, the Circular Hub also provides sustainable services. A good example is the development of a furniture management system that provides detailed insight into the condition, location and value of our clients' furniture. We use this data to carry out preventative maintenance so that the furniture is always at its highest utility. After all, proper maintenance will allow for the preservation of value.

De Jonge has noticed a shift from 'ownership' to 'usage'. Through our Furniture as a Service model, clients only pay for what they use. When an item is no longer needed, they simply return it what which the Circular Hub relocates it with another client. We want to continue developing our circular services from the Hub in order to help our clients meet the circular challenges they are facing.' 

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Robbert de Jonge, Circular Consultant at Gispen

A word from the specialist

Many clients in the education sector think they need new furniture. But fortunately we are seeing an increasing number of schools and universities that are opting for circular furnishings. Clients such as Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Jordan Montessori Lyceum turn to Gispen for advice and insight into the possibilities. I always look for a win-win when it comes to used furniture and raw materials that are made available by our clients. The ultimate goal is to close the material loop, which was quickly realised in this project.       

Geert Looyschelder Headmaster of Jordan Montessori Lyceum Utrecht
Gispen education project interior view of Jordan Montessori Lyceum Utrecht in Zeist 15A3556
Geert Looyschelder, Headmaster Jordan Montessori Lyceum Utrecht


The Circular Hub responded to our request with used student desk sets from Wageningen University & Research (WUR). It's quite special that our students are now taking classes using the same furniture that other students once used for attending lectures. We have received positive response to the used furniture; not only our EcoCommittee applauds this initiative, the parent council also likes the fact that we are environmentally and economically conscious. An affordable option is always a plus for a school.

Other added benefits are that the Circular Hub was able to deliver the Revived furniture promptly and that it is also willing to take it back after we no longer have a use for it. This is important because the extra study space is temporary; the furniture will probably be obsolete in a few years' time. It is good to know that it can be used again elsewhere when the time comes.'    

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