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Gispen healthcare project Stichting Woon en Zorgcentrum Avondlicht in Herwijnen K5B0856

Residential Care Home Avondlicht asked Gispen to come up with a new design for the central meeting area of its residents. Their wishes were clear: transform a dated room into a warm and inviting place for elderly citizens and their loved ones. Gispen created the interior design and supplied new, senior-friendly furniture. We have received nothing but positive reactions on the result, especially from the residents themselves.

Central area for residents and activities

Avondlicht aims to become a central institution when it comes to elderly care within the Lingewaal municipality and wants to offer the elderly citizens of the town of Herwijnen a place where they can meet. The meeting area of the care and living centre was in dire need of a makeover. Adri Bevaart, Avondlicht director-board member: ‘We wanted to give the area a more distinctive look. The furniture had seen better days and the interior could really use some colour. We wanted to create a more homely environment for the residents and their visitors, as well as one that could facilitate different activities. Our residents not only come here to meet one another and eat or relax, the space is also used for exercise, church services and various performances.’

Eye-catcher: custom-made fireplace

Gispen’s account manager Healthcare John Elsing and interior architect Nelleke Lagerwerf took up the project. The starting points of the project were discussed together with Adri Bevaart and a small working group of the care and living centre; besides a characteristic look and flexibility in design, comfortable furniture was also an important requirement. In addition, the furniture had to be waterproof and urinary resistant. The first sketches for a new interior design presented a meeting area of round tables on the one side and a more flexible area on the other. The flexible area features rectangular tables and a large table for reading which is easily set up into different layouts. And last but not least, there is the eye-catcher of the room: a custom-made fireplace that can even be moved.


Choose between various forms of comfort

From eating to relaxing; during the trial period, the residents of the care and living centre were given ample opportunity to try an array of different chairs. Gispen supplied armchairs that have been fully adapted to the needs of the residents, which was done in collaboration with Havee. The round tables of the Gispen TM programme in the fixed part of the meeting area encourage sitting down together and catching up. The chairs have been upholstered in Silverguard. John Elsing from Gispen: ‘A great-looking fabric that meets all the hygienic requirements. What is special about this material is that it is an artificial leather with the look and feel of a fabric. We finished it off by covering the backrests in a warm and stylish fabric with a striped design.



Photography: Chris van Koeverden


black and white portrait of Nelleke Lagerwerf
‘Avondlicht wanted to create a warm, inviting and flexible meeting area. Another idea was to include the kitchen in this area. The built-in cupboards that were already present were to be left in place and having a fireplace in the room was a big wish. These wishes and requirements are what I based my proposal for a new layout, colour scheme, curtains, flooring and (mood)lighting on. Keeping in mind what we both wanted to achieve: a pleasant and homely environment that exudes unity.’
Nelleke Lagerwerf Gispen interior architect
'We look back on a very positive partnership with Gispen. Deciding what was best for our meeting area was truly a joint effort.’
Adri Bevaart Avondlicht director-board member
portrait of Adri Bevaart
Adri Bevaart - Avondlicht director-board member

The client’s thoughts

‘I started by inviting multiple parties to share their vision. Gispen caught our attention right away; they were well-prepared and their story gave confidence. Working together and communicating with Gispen went smoothly. Determining what was best for our new meeting area was truly a joint effort. The residents joined in on the action as well; they tried out different chairs while blindfolded. The result is a beautiful space that just draws you in. The area has become much more inviting and is being enjoyed by the residents, visitors, volunteers and employees. And that is exactly what we wanted to achieve.’

Brightlands Center Court   landscapem

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