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We believe that people thrive in an optimum working environment. Whether this is their working-, educational-, healthcare- or living environment, this notion applies to all. We create those optimum environments by following a phased working method, guiding you in the process from gaining inspiration to final completion. Your working process, means of learning or caring and living requirements are fundamental to achieving the final result: a pleasant and functional environment. 

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Alle bestanden die u nodig heeft in de gewenste formaten, van CAD-data tot 3D-bestanden en technische tekeningen. Maar ook uitgebreide projectfotografie. U vindt het in onze Mediabank. Klik op de afbeelding om in te loggen. 

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A name to be proud of

We have carried the Gispen name for over a hundred years. Willem Hendrik Gispen had the vision to create designs which have grown into classics. They are mentioned and praised in many history books all over the world. And even to this day, new products roll off the assembly line, designed for the future. On their way to become classics.