The Social Distancing Office

The social distancing economy imposes new requirements on the workplace. How do you implement the Covid-19 measures? How do you realise a social distancing office? And what function does your office fulfil in the short and long term? These are some of the issues that are currently a high priority for many organisations. Including yours, undoubtedly..

Inquiry results: a permanent change for the work environment 

We looked at the challenges and effects of the current and future situation together with our clients. Hundreds of contacts in government, business, healthcare and education responded to our inquiry into the impact of the new business reality and new work methods. A majority (81%) stated that their work environment will never be the same again, even after the restrictions will have been (partly) lifted. The results show that, in the near future, employees will continue to work more from home (84%), that the office will remain an unmistakable hub for colleagues to socialise and for them to be involved with the organisation and that employees will make fewer business trips due to a rise in videoconferencing. This is confirmed by national and international trendwatchers and other sources..

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Optimal Remote working

Are you looking for furniture that allows your employees to work remotely? Or are you looking for a personal home workstation?

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Tailormade solutions, always and anywhere

We believe that people thrive in an optimum working environment. Whether this is their working-, educational-, healthcare- or living environment, this notion applies to all. We create those optimum environments by following a phased working method, guiding you in the process from gaining inspiration to final completion. Your working process, means of learning or caring and living requirements are fundamental to achieving the final result: a pleasant and functional environment. 

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