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Do you spend a considerable amount of time behind a computer? If so, it is not only important to sit comfortably, you must also sit ergonomically. In the most natural position, to prevent tension from building in your neck or between your shoulder blades. You can attain this position by following 7 simple steps!

Step 1 – seat height

Sit down in your office chair and move away from your desk. Put both feet flat on the floor. Adjust the height of your chair so that your knees are at a 90° angle. And: check this every time you are wearing different shoes. High heels really do make a difference when adjusting your chair to the correct height.

Gispen Zinn Office chair in black animation still 009 left side view
Gispen Zinn Office chair in black animation still 013 left side view

Step 2 – seat depth

Slide the seat of your chair forward or backwards until your back rests against the backrest with about a fist width between the seat and your knee cavities. The pressure on the seat will then be ideally distributed, which will make your legs feel less tired.

Step 3 – the backrest

Can you feel the backrest and lumbar support in your back? Adjust where needed. There is usually a lever on the left which adjusts the tilt of your chair. Slightly tilted forward, comfortably leaning back or just fixed. Good to know: the more movement the better. Or make sure that you alternate between positions.

Gispen Zinn Office chair in black animation still 023 rear view
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Step 4 – the armrests

Place your forearms on top of the armrests. Keep your arms alongside your body and make sure they are touching the armrests, without your upper arms being pushed upward. If there is no pulling sensation in your neck or back, then you can safely pull up to your desk.

Step 5 – desk height

Ensure that your keyboard is at the same height as the armrests of your office chair. And yes, at the exact same height. This means that you do not slide your office chair underneath the tabletop; the armrests keep the chair at a distance from the desk.

Gispen Cimo mono table with black frame and tabletop with Zinn office chair animation still step 017 front right view

And last but not least…

Have you found the correct position? You can now get to work in an ergonomic fashion! Still, make sure that you don’t sit for long periods of time. Have a break every now and again and get out of your chair; from now on you will always get your own drinks. Think on something, or have a chat with a colleague. Assume a different position every time you don’t have to look at your screen. And if you have a moment of free time, stretch your back, your legs and move your arms around. Your office chair is this flexible for a reason.

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