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Acoustic screens

SEPP is a versatile wall system of acoustic dividing screens, separating your workstation from those of your colleagues. The screens can be placed around any desk and will suit any activity, whether it concerns an inidividual or collaborative task. The modular system will accommodate you in almost any situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice on the optimal configuration for your work environment. 



The modular SEPP system offers a great many possibilities. The U-shaped screen will convert any solo desk into a concentration or agile workspace. The screens not only bring about a visual separation from the rest of the office, they also absorb sound. SEPP comes in various widths and heights, which will match perfectly with standard desk sizes. The optional planter will create a nice ambience and introduce a little greenery to your place of work.



  • Physical and acoustic addition to any desk
  • Optimal support for full concentration at the office
  • Comes in different heights for privacy while standing or while seated behind your desk
  • Personalise your workspace by adding a planter or coat hanger
  • The modular system offers endless possibilities
  • Multi-functional due to easy disassembly of components
  • We have allowed for a certain amount of space in between the desk and the screen for safe height adjustments
Gispen SEPP Acoustic screen for dual workstation with black frame and upholstered in turquoise front left view

Collaborating responsibly

In order to provide a dual workplace with the right (acoustic) separation, you might want to consider the H setup from the SEPP collection. This screen will surround a dual desk on both sides. Employees won't feel cramped because of cross-over screen in between the workstations. In addition to the dividing element, you can also use SEPP screens to further personalise your work environment. The upholstered panels will add warmth to your workspace, with a great many fabrics and colours to choose from. Add the optional 1x3 coat rack for a place to put your personal possessions. 

Flexible in design

The free-standing dividing screens from the SEPP collection can also be added separately. The possibilities are endless. You can even use them to create a walking path through your office, separating different departments while adding acoustic value to a specific space. This is all possible due to the different widths and heights of the free-standing modules.

The SEPP dividing screens can also be provided with additional PEXX panels, which make it easier to socially distance at the office without losing visual contact with one another. These extra panels can be added or removed at any time without damaging the dividing screens. 


SEPP, PEXX, TMNL, Triennial Work, Dombo, Zinn   landscapem
SEPP, TMNL, ZINN Multi, Dombo, PEXX   landscapem


SEPP will not only create visual privacy, it will also reduce ambient noise. The reverberation of sounds are reduced by the absorption of sound. From experience we have learnt that the acoustic properties of SEPP are sufficient to allow people to work pleasantly in an open office space. 


When we design a product, we already take account of future returns and reuse of components and materials. Gispen takes responsiblity for the entire lifespan of its products. We can take back your workstation (or parts of it) when it has reached the end of its lifecycle and give it a new function or refurbish it into a product that is as good as new.


We strive for an entirely closed material loop. The material used for the manufacturing of the SEPP frame actually consists of waste from old tabletops.


We are always looking for sustainable materials or third parties that can supply them, such as our partner i-did. They produce beautiful and 100% recycled fabrics from old uniforms.


After returning SEPP acoustic screens we can recycle no less than 97,17% of the materials.


Open the drop-down menu below for documentation and more information on the materials and specifications.

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