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The silent, acoustic cabinet

The SDK sliding door cabinet is ideal for functional stowage and archiving in open spaces. The cabinet opens and closes without making a single sound, keeping interference to a minimum. Friendly perforation patterns, in combination with acoustic material on the inside of the doors, make SDK a decorative element in any room.



The SDK sliding door cabinet comes with round perforated doors as standard. Unperforated or square perforated doors are optional. The back panel is either an acoustic panel with the same perforation pattern as the front or a fully upholstered panel. 


Gispen SDK sliding door cabinet mid in white with square perforation and left door open styled with backpanel front view


  • The perforated panels contribute to the acoustics of the room
  • The sliding doors open and close silently
  • Choose the decorative perforation pattern of your preference
  • The cabinet can be painted in various Gispen colours
  • Optional acoustic back panel for even better acoustics
  • Perforated doors with recycled acoustic material
  • Equipped with a lock (master key can be ordered separately)
SDK   landscapem


Would you like to improve the acoustics and ambience of your interior? Then you might consider fitting a PET felt panel to the back of your SDK. The added benefit: the panels can also be used as pinboards.

You can also put a planter on top of the SDK cabinet. Good to know: it has been proven that greenery in the work environment adds to the well-being of employees. Functional accessories such as shelves, pull-out frames and bookends will allow for easy stowage of your files and office supplies.



Circularity and sustainability are important principles for SDK. The cabinet has a modular structure, can be used for many different functions and will last for years because of its timeless design.


SDK comes in a variety of paint colours including 3 Cradle to Cradle finishes


of SDK can be recycled in the future

Acoustic material not glued but permanently clamped

Recycled acoustic material

The inside of the perforated doors of the SDK is equipped with acoustic material. This improves the acoustic comfort in the office and thus the productivity of employees.

The acoustic material used contributes to sustainability goals. It consists of 77% recycled textile waste from the clothing and interior design industry. Also, it can be reused in the Gispen Revived Collection at the end of its life cycle. The technical lifespan of the material is up to 75 years; so it can last several life cycles. We also separate the cutting waste in the factory so that it is suitable for the supplier's recycling program.

Gispen SDK with magnifying glass and sustainable material detail


Open the drop-down menu below for documentation and more information on the materials and specifications.

Brand Gispen
Designer Gispen Design Team
Size Height sizes: 83, 118, 160, 195 cm. Width sizes: 160, 180, 200, 240 cm. Depth size: 47 cm.
Material Steel.
Color White, gray and black.
Options Smooth doors or doors with square perforation. Various accessories are available.

Those who have already opted for SDK

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