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Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem has a completely new wing; also referred to as ‘New construction North East’. Three floors house various departments where patients can easily find their way and where employees can work swiftly and efficiently. Gispen furnished the entire wing and included a number of tailored solutions, all carried out in close consultation with Rijnstate. 

A place that exudes peace

Various outpatient clinics and accompanying areas of expertise come together in Rijnstate’s new wing. A completely new outpatient clinic for Internal Medicine on the ground floor. A Vascular Disease Centre on the first floor and a Centre for Oncology on the second floor. At Rijnstate they believe that working together in a multidisciplinary team is important. Natasja Djukic, moving coordinator at Rijnstate: ‘We want to offer our patients and visitors a pleasant environment that exudes peace – especially when they are having to deal with test results or bad news. We also wanted to make sure that people could receive treatment in the same area of the hospital so they don’t have to move back and forth all the time.’

Close collaboration
From waiting areas and consulting/examination rooms to treatment rooms and conference rooms – Gispen furnished the entire wing. From the preliminary sketches up to and including the final installation. Throughout the operation, we worked in close collaboration with Jan Willem Kessener, Furnishing Advisor and Construction Management at Rijnstate. Peter van der Linden, Gispen account manager Healtcare: ‘Together with Jan Willem, we searched for the best possible solution to the specific requirements of Rijnstate. In this process, we ran a pilot scheme for the consulting/examination rooms and we came up with a multi-functional interior design with high-quality ICT facilities for the conference rooms.


Reaching out to the patient

Doctors and experts were asked to share their wishes for the new interior and trial setups were made available so they could try the furniture for themselves. Their wishes included an adaptable table for the consulting/examination rooms that would allow them to sit closer to patients but also so that they could receive family members and other counsellors. Their wishes were met and have been translated into an oval-shaped table that we developed within the Gispen TM programme. Equipped with a monitor arm so that data can be shown to others in the room.


Custom-made upholstery

The comfortable Gispen Zinn office chairs were upholstered in Ultra Leather, an artificial leather specifically for healthcare applications. Peter van der Linden, account manager Gispen: ‘Over the years, our Healthcare team has collected a great deal of knowledge and has also done research into fabrics that meet all the requirements of a healthcare environment. Ultra Leather is a premium fabric that meets the strict requirements for disinfection and is environmentally friendly at the same time.’ Patients and visitors pull up to the table in stylish Vitra bucket seats, also supplied by Gispen.


Multi-functional conference room solution

Doctors, radiologists and other experts meet in so-called MDO-rooms where they discuss patients and their treatment programmes. The conference rooms at the new wing have been equipped with all the necessities to do this in a pleasant and efficient way. The rollable furniture elements transform easily into conference setups, from a U to a V shape. The walls are covered with screens for exchanging photos or MRI scans or for holding a video conference with other medical experts. Gispen provided a custom cable management solution. Separate seats at the far ends of the table offer nurses or doctors in training a place to sit.  



Photography: Chris van Koeverden

One point of contact, but we have also gotten to know the entire team over the course of the project. We had a great time working together!
Natasja Djukic Moving coordinator Rijnstate Hospital

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