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The new workplace reality

The new workplace reality and social distancing has had quite an impact on our physical work environment. In what way has your organisation implemented Covid-19 measures? What options are there for a safe and responsible layout and furnishing of your office, healthcare or educational environment? And when looking ahead: how will these changes affect your work environment in the long term? These are all burning questions that many organisations are trying to find solutions for, and you are most likely one of them.

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Gispen has an extensive collection of project furniture for all types of office and healthcare organisations as well as educational institutions. As an addition to our standard collection, we have developed custom solutions for each sector based on our many years of experience in these specific fields. Our collection not only includes a wide range of Gispen furniture, we also offer numerous products from other A-level furniture brands. To make searching for the right piece of furniture a little easier for you, you can search by type of product or furniture collection.   





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Strong furnishing support

Have you called upon the services of Gispen? We will unburden your organisation wherever we can, and we will do so throughout the entire furnishing process. We are known for our custom solutions in addition to our standard set of services. These include interior design, project management, cable management and furniture maintenance. And last but not least: various services in the field of circular interior design. Take the Circular Quality Scan, for example, which provides insight into the possiblities for clever reuse of the furniture already owned by an organisation.  


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