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Sustainable design for your work, healthcare or learning environment
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Gispen collection

Gispen has an extensive collection of project furniture for all types of office and healthcare organisations as well as educational institutions. As an addition to our standard collection, we have developed custom solutions for each sector based on our many years of experience in these specific fields. Our collection not only includes a wide range of Gispen furniture, we also offer numerous products from other A-level furniture brands. To make searching for the right piece of furniture a little easier for you, you can search by type of product or furniture collection.

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From secondary education up to university: the basis for any learning environment is a pleasant and inspiring physical space. Many educational institutions are looking for versatility, efficiency and a sense of identity in their learning environment. They also want to create a space where studying and working in an ergonomically responsible way is possible. These are all important starting points for the furnishing solutions we design and produce.
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the healthcare environment

People feel at ease in a well-designed healthcare environment. Our designers make a major contribution to this. With their design they create a place where people feel welcome, safe and comfortable. A well-designed healthcare environment can even contribute to stress reduction and faster healing. How do we set up such an sustainable environment?
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circular interior design

Do you have circular ambitions and would you like to implement them in your interior design? Gispen is happy to think along with you! You can contact us for a Circular Quality Scan, smart reuse of existing furniture, revitalization of outdated furniture and for new circularly designed furniture. We do everything we can to keep furniture usable for as long as possible, to postpone recycling as long as possible and to avoid waste! How do we implement this?

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Looking for new or refurbished furniture for a comfortable workplace for yourself or your employees? In our webshop you can order an ergonomic office chair or a complete workplace right away, for in your home or office. Refurbished products carry the REVIVED label.
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Facilitate an ergonomic home workplace for your employees.

Remote working

We work from home more often. The optimal home workplace is ergonomically sound and functional. So that you and your employees can work from home with pleasure and effectiveness. With a good desk and a comfortable office chair you can create an ideal workplace. A place where you can work comfortably and without complaints.
Responsible remote working