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Would you like to reuse your current furniture but will it need an update or upgrade? We will be happy to assist you in coming up with a solution. We offer two services in terms of furniture reuse: REVIVED by Gispen and REMADE by Gispen. In the former we will refurbish your old or worn furniture. In the latter, we will tranform your piece of furniture into an entirely different product. In both cases you will be left with a product that is as good as new. 


REVIVED by Gispen: refurbishment

Have your desks, chairs, cabinets, conference tables - et cetera - become outdated but would you still like to use them again? Or do you have products in house that are technically still in good condition, but no longer aesthetically up-to-date? In that case Gispen can refurbish these items for you. This can include reupholstering chairs, replacing tabletops or making other improvements. It can also entail the conversion of a sit-sit to a sit-stand workstation. We revitalise products from Gispen as well as from other manufacturers. Through a Circulair Quality Scan we can assess whether refurbishment is feasible. When finished, these products will carry the label REVIVED by Gispen.




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Refurbished conference table for Canon Production Printing
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Old filing cabinets converted into storage space at NS

REMADE by Gispen: giving furniture a new purpose

We transform old filing cabinets into telephone booths, waiting area benches or locker setups. There are often more possibilities than you would think. A Circular Quality Scan will indicate whether it is possible to change the function of an old or worn furniture item. When finished, these products will carry the label REMADE by Gispen.


'Our clients often think they need new furniture in order to implement a new business concept correctly. Our product designer and I often manage to surprise clients when we present them with all the options for reusing their furniture. These are the days when I come home in a particularly good mood.

I am always searching for new ways to make optimal use of the resources that find their way back to Gispen. Closing the loops is our ultimate goal. Considering all the products we are refurbishing I think it's safe to say that Gispen is on the right track!'

Robbert de Jonge
Project Manager circular economy


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