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Gispen office CE project Alliander in Duiven K5B8782

An iconic project of 80% circularity. Network provider Alliander distributes gas and electricity throughout the Netherlands and has serious ambitions in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship. The company has realised its ambitions in the form of a new positive-energy building at its existing location in Duiven. Gispen pitched in by providing the furniture, all according to circular principles.

Knowledge and practical experience

The ambitions that have led to this building have also had a part in the selection of the furniture. Mark Hamstra, Chain Manager Facility Management at Alliander: ‘We wanted the procurement of furniture to be done in a circular way.’ Alliander issued a call for tender. Hamstra: ‘We granted Gispen the order because we could relate to their vision of the circular economy. Another decisive factor was their detailed description of how they would implement our requests and requirements into practice – on a product, process and financial level.’

An iconic project – 80% circular

Mark Hamstra:‘Alliander not only works toward a sustainable power supply in the Netherlands but also towards an improved sustainability within its own organisation. We feel responsible for how we leave our mark on our surroundings.’

In August 2015, Alliander realised a truly iconic project: five existing buildings at its branch in Duiven have been expanded and enclosed by a ‘greenhouse’ with a floating roof. The facility generates its own energy and even delivers energy to its surroundings. During construction, many of the existing raw materials and resources were reused, which contributed in achieving an 80% circular operation.


Circular ladder

Alliander provided Gispen with a perfect opportunity to test our own circular ambitions at large in practice. The circular ladder, a first tool to measure and compare, was used as a benchmark for the project, which allowed us to accurately determine whether a make or model met Alliander’s circular demands. Every single piece of furniture is compliant of these demands.


Our strategy 

Gispen took care of refurbishing and technically updating 750 pieces of Alliander’s existing workstations. Many of which have been joined together on site to form dual workstations, including an optimisation for cable management purposes. Tabletops have been replaced and the old pieces have been altered to be used as workstation dividing screens or reused for the construction of locker cabinets. Furthermore, various components of the seats will be easy to reuse at some point. The lighting has also been procured and installed according to circular principles, which saves energy every day. In time and if needed, the furniture will be repaired, replaced or returned but most of all, reused.


Full warranty

Gispen stays responsible for the returns of products in order to guarantee a circular way of conducting business. As for our own products, they will be given a new lease of life in, of course, a circular way. We provide chain management services for the products of our partners. 


Photography: Chris van Koeverden

'We awarded the contract to Gispen because of their vision of the circular economy.’
Mark Hamstra Chain Manager Facility Management
portrait of mark hamstra
Mark Hamstra - Chain Manager Facility Management Alliander

The client’s thoughts

Network provider Alliander has realised its ambitions in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship in the form of a new, positive-energy building at its branch in Duiven. Gispen pitched in by providing the furniture, all according to circular principles. They refurbished 750 existing workstations, which were also given a technical update. Gispen also takes responsibility for maintaining the furniture and guarantees a long lifecycle of its products.

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