Holding a meeting, conferring, completing a task: TEAM does it all. The basic principle of the TEAM table system is that it supports various work methods and comes in many shapes and sizes. Mix and match the various components to design the perfect table for any type of space.

Having a cup of coffe with a colleague. Holding an informal conversation with a client. TEAM will adapt accordingly, whether it concerns a reception area in an office or a meeting place in a healthcare institution. 



An attractive design

Mix and match the table legs, tops, and accessories to come up with the ideal setup for pleasant encounters. Working or deliberating in a cosy setting with a relaxing atmosphere is often quite satisfactory!

Make people feel more at home with a wooden tabletop equipped with a soft top layer, rounded edges and brightly coloured table legs. The appealing look of this piece of furniture invites you to pull up to the table.

TEAM Classic, Dombo   landscapem
TEAM Classic with table legs in a striking colour,


  • A well-designed cable management system with both horizontal and vertical routing for a safe workspace
  • The collection comes in different sizes, tabletops shapes and dimensions, allowing you to give your interior the look and feel that best suits your organisation
  • The clever modular system will allow you to design the table that is perfect for your application
  • Give your table a friendly or a more sturdy look
TEAM Classic   landscapem
TEAM table with classic table legs combined with a Triennial Work chair with upholstered armrests.


All TEAM tables share the same universal frame. Simply select a tabletop and table leg of your choosing and find the ideal combination for your application. The various components are easily upgraded or replaced on site. You can replace your steel legs for legs, for example, or raise the height of the table to facilitate standing meetings.  

The modular system of TEAM not only makes it practical for you as a user, it is also sustainable: Gispen can take back any redundant components and give them a new lease of life.


A conference table without technology for holding presentation or charging possibilities for your laptop is unthinkable in today's office environment. Proper cable management will ensure a safe and tidy conference space.

This is why TEAM offers a wide range of cabling options, with the ability to adapt with an increase or decrease in capacity. 


TEAM   landscapem
Plug and Store incorporated into the TEAM table.
Triennial Manage, TEAM Classic narrow, Triennial Classic, Outline   landscapem
TEAM Classic narrow

TEAM Classic narrow

There is also a narrow version of the TEAM Classic table. TEAM Classic narrow has a sleek design and a friendly appearance.


Gispen believes firmly in its circular model, which is why we already took account of returns and reuse of components and materials when we designed TEAM. Gispen stands for high-quality products and takes responsibility for their entire lifespan, while reducing waste production for as far as possible. When a TEAM product is at the end of its lifecycle, we will give it a new function or refurbish it into a product that is as good as new.


With a circularity percentage of 72%, TEAM is valued at 3 stars on our circular design framework, which we are very proud of.


different ways of designing a TEAM table


We have been developing modular furniture collections for many years. The Gispen ST is a good example of a modular table with various shapes and sizes.



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Brand Gispen
Designer Peter de Boer
Furniture line TEAM
Size Bladen verkrijgbaar in verschillende afmetingen (zie brochure). Poten: 74 cm.
Color Verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren (zie brochure).
Brightlands Center Court   landscapem


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