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A relatively new and distinctive IT business that does not want standard offices. This was not the first time that Incentro challenged Gispen to produce a new interior design for them. Gispen had already furnished an entire floor and a brainstorming room for Incentro before this project came into existence. The result has always been surprising and refreshing, and this is exactly how Gispen experiences its partnership with Incentro.

Every opinion counts

Incentro is an IT service provider that specialises in digital transformations, customer experience and e-commerce. Incentro is where technicians and inventive people work closely together. The company has several branches in the Netherlands and also has two locations abroad. The employees are in charge of their own branch, including the interior. As Incentro puts it: “We are a super flat organisation and we promote entrepreneurship. Our three core values are ambition, craftsmanship and happiness. When your employees are happy, the financial result comes naturally.” The company takes this notion to the extreme. Everyone's opinion counts. This also applies to the physical work environment, if anything, because Incentro wants to ensure that everybody can get the most out of themselves.

Joining the conversation

Incentro comprises several independent ‘units’ which are spread across several locations. Gispen produced the interior design for the team at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam as well as for a team at the Werkspoor Cathedral in Utrecht. The Van Deventerlaan in Utrecht is also worth mentioning, for which we fully designed and furnished the ground floor and part of the third floor. The ground floor houses the so-called Business Acceleration unit. Carola van de Bilt, interior architect at Gispen: “The floor plan and interior design was completely developed in close consultation with the people of this unit. They knew exactly what they wanted. Where I would normally be more in the driving seat in drawing a sketch, preliminary design and final draft, this time we designed everything together. It was great fun and invigorating to work like this for once.”


From dynamism to tranquillity and security

When you enter the work environment, you will find a high level of dynamism; the further you go, the quieter it will get. This was one of Incentro’s requests. Employees and customers first enter into a room with a bar and pantry, with a large table where you can have lunch. This is where employees meet up, have a bite to eat or play a game of pool. There is also a wall of fame here, which proudly presents all of Incentro’s successes. From this area you can walk into a large presentation room with a grandstand. This room is not only used for presentations, it is also where employees have fun together (there's a PlayStation, among other things). Further down the office, there are several rooms for holding meetings or scrum sessions. There are also agile workstations – of which a quarter are sit-stand units – as well as two fully enclosed rooms where people can have privacy for a phone call, for example. There is even a small living room where you can relax or make videocalls. A special feature: the graphics on the walls were developed by Incentro's own designers.


Featured products include: TM L workstations, Gispen Zinn office chairs, Gispen UT conference tables and products from the Multilounge collection. We also took care of the floors and walls; a complete furnishing.


Multi-purpose rooms

On the third floor, we created two brainstorming rooms for Incentro Next. A large, multi-purpose room that can be used by up to 40 people and a smaller one that will fit 12. Incentro: “These rooms have become such great places that everyone likes to spend time there, including our customers. The large one is used for events, gatherings and occasionally a game of Fifa with 4 people. Both rooms are used continuously. The large room has a U-shaped Gispen Multilounge seating arrangement, which is easily changed into a different arrangement. The rollable chairs allow people to move freely across the room. Ecophon ceiling tiles provide pleasant acoustics and the way they are suspended adds to the dynamics of the room. The panels above the large whiteboard are deliberately hung vertically to add some privacy. Gispen also took care of the blinds and floors of both rooms. The rug has been extended from the one room to the other, connecting the two spaces. Our partner Eikelenboom provided a sophisticated lighting plan.


Photography: Carola van de Bilt

Gispen not only stands out in its service, it also does so in its after sales service. When something breaks or stops functioning as it should, you only need one phone call and Gispen solves it immediately.
Client Incentro
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The client’s thoughts

'We know what we want when it comes to the look and feel of our work environments. And we like to challenge Gispen in translating these wishes into concrete designs. Gispen, on the other hand, challenges us to take into account everything that matters when furnishing a room, from the ergonomics to the acoustics. This is where their expertise comes in. In addition, they always meet their deadlines and their service and aftersales are excellent. When something breaks or stops functioning as it should, you only need one phone call and it is solved immediately. This is how Gispen stands out when compared to other suppliers.'

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