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This is not the first time that Gispen has carried out a furnishing project for housing corporation Talis. We are proud of the fact that, as partners, we were able to once again create suitable accommodation this year. Studio Moj provided the interior design while Gispen supplied the furniture, managed the project and performed a circular quality scan of the furniture that was already present. 'Reuse formed the basis for the project. I already have the confidence to say that both this wish and the interior design are a success.'


Housing corporation Talis manages 15,500 rental homes in the Nijmegen and Wijchen area of the Netherlands. As a social housing provider, Talis aims to offer tenants an affordable and proper home. The corporation also wants their employees, visitors and tenants to feel at home at its head and district offices. Maria Meijaard, project manager on behalf of Talis, states: 'We have our offices in places where there is work to be done. That way we stay close to our tenants and contribute to the development of the area. We were looking for a new location for our head office, preferably an existing building, in which we could reuse our furniture. 'To Talis, Sustainability also translates into human interaction: by closely involving employees with one another, with the organisation and with our partners. 'As a network organisation, we wanted to share the accommodation with one or more cooperation partners from the social domain. Thus, we asked Bindkracht10 to move in with us. This welfare organisation is an important partner to us in the field of payment arrears services and neighbourhood activities.'


Gispen has also experienced the power of a sustainable partnership. In 2014, we furnished Talis' previous head office and, during the pandemic, we provided ergonomic home workstations for all Talis employees through a dedicated website. Danon van der Hoeven, Gispen account manager, is therefore proud that Talis has once again asked Gispen for assistance with regard to circularity, hybrid working, optimal meetings and various conference and teamwork methods. 'It's to be able to use our knowledge and expertise to create fitting work environments and meeting areas, which were established in close cooperation with Claartje ten Have of Studio Moj. Her input has led to very pleasant and functional spaces.'



A good example is the transformation of sections of the old corridors into silent work zones; floor-to-ceiling glass ensures the secluded employees stay in touch with the rest of the office. The open-plan design of the attractive Grand Café near the entrance provides a blend of people and activities. Danon: 'It has become such a nice place, where everyone feels welcome. This is due to the host or hostess who greets you, the inviting coffee station, the centre table and smaller tables or the more intimate seating areas. Talis has opted for an open office and inviting meeting area. The presence of people naturally creates social safety.'



The open-plan office area also calls for more private workspaces and other areas for formal and informal meetings. Danon: 'The new office has far more conference facilities than the old one had. And they are all different: from a traditional conference room with a conference table to a more informal setting with seats and lounge sofas for brainstorming sessions, from free-standing conference units to high standing tables for active consultation. 'This shows that we are a full-service furnisher: from custom furniture to signing, from acoustic fabrics to lighting. With products from our Gispen range: CIMO planters, STEE benches, Outline lighting and JUNA coach seats.'



Gispen also served as a partner in circularity to the corporation. Talis wanted to reuse everything, while matching it to the new look and feel. Danon: 'We first carried out a Circular Quality Scan. Our fitters checked all the existing furniture items, serviced them and made repairs where necessary. Some items went straight to the district offices, while others were reupholstered in the new corporate style. Moreover, we gave used Gispen JUNA coach seats a totally different look that is perfectly suitable for the new head office.'

In addition to the circular services, Gispen also provided project management services. From attending construction meetings to planning the storey-by-storey move. Danon: 'A project and client to be proud of.'



Maria Meijaard, Talis project manager: 'We have only just moved into our new head office, but I can already say that the interior design is a success. Especially the Grand Café where spontaneous meetings arise between people from both Talis and Bindkracht10. We've also noticed that there's more interaction between employees, for example because they can sit together more easily due to the layout of the office. We also see the employees from the district offices more often and for longer. Because the area surrounding the office will soon be developed, with the construction of project NDW21, we also expect more activity and 'walk-ins' from local residents. And what we hoped for is less aggressive behaviour due to an open layout. Physical security, with dividing screens and cubicles offers a good feeling of protection, but we find that the presence of people might actually offer more security, peace and solidarity. The open layout enhances social safety and increases the chance of meetings to occur.'


Photography: Claartje ten Have

black and white portrait of Danon van der Hoeven
Danon van der Hoeven - Gispen account manager

A word from the specialist

‘While working on this project, we pulled out all the stops when it comes to our expertise. From circular designer to planner and project manager, from translator of hybrid work methods to furnishing and furniture, from bespoke furniture maker to sustainable designer. Our wide product range and comprehensive services are truly evident in the new head office of Talis. The thing that I'm most proud of, however, is that we completed this project as full partners of Talis for the third time and that we, as Gispen and Studio Moj, were able to furnish both a new office and a Grand Café. Employees, tenants, visitors and partners of this exceptional social housing provider clearly feel at home here and experience a warm welcome at the new head office.'

Maria Meijaard Talis project manager
portrait of klantfoto Talis
Maria Meijaard - Talis project manager

The client’s thoughts

'We submitted the following requirements management plan to Gispen and Studio Moj: an open structure for the office and conference floors, an entrance that invites everyone to stay for a short or longer time and where spontaneous encounters lead to (more) lasting relationships. Translate hybrid working into the interior design and create a variety of collaborative, conference, consultation and meeting areas. provide for quiet, focused and informal consultation on the office floor. And finally, reuse our furniture where possible, supplemented with new furniture where needed. Gispen and Studio Moj have met our requirements management plan from A to Z. We are very pleased with the result and how all parties worked together.'

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