Closing the plastic material loop

Willemijn Peeters, Searious Business

We have just witnessed the opening of the first ´Living Ocean´ production line in the world. This is the first step towards a plastic free ocean. Companies collect their excess plastic materials which are then recycled into new local plastic products which end up at those same companies. This way you eliminate waste and create a new and fully recycled material at the same time. Willemijn expounds on the first results.

In her role as ocean ambassador, Willemijn Peeters tries different methods to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in the ocean. One of her efforts is the so-called Plastic Scan which gives companies insight into how much plastic is being wasted and how this can be reduced. Willemijn used to be the national programme manager of MVO Loont where she stimulated corporate social responsibility among SMBs.

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