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Physical and acoustic separation

With the introduction of the HUGG flexible workspace we offer a solution for the continuously changing office environment. In this enclosed workspace for-one, employees can work at the office safely and keep concentrated on their task. Not a luxury these days when not only an acoustic separation but also physical distance is required. The acoustic walls not only absorb sound, they also provide a physical separation while keeping in touch with the rest of the office.

Gispen HUGG flexibele werkplek

Collaborating responsibly

The HUGG flexible workspace is equipped with castors which makes it possible to simply roll it to another spot if needed. In addition, the steel insert panel ensures that the exterior can be cleaned properly. This panel is available in different colours.

What is your preferred work method?

It is also possible to provide the workspace with power and network connections, as well as personal lighting and a user-friendly office chair, making it a fully flexible workspace for maximum focus. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities, we will be happy to provide you with tailored advice!

HUGG flexible workstation

Key features of the HUGG flexible workspace:

  • The perfect space for focussing on your task at hand, for short or long sessions
  • Fully customisable look & feel
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible use at any place or time due to castors
  • Future-proof due to a modular system


All the components of HUGG are modular. By combining different elements, you can change the application of your HUGG unit. By adding tables, seats or multimedia, you can equip HUGG with a multitude of functions. All components are easily replaced or upgraded on-site. Mix and match to create your ideal combination.

HUGG furniture collection

The concept of this versatile furniture system is that it offers tranquillity and intimacy in open spaces for various activities such as conferring, agile working and focussing. HUGG allows you to create a quiet workspace for holding meetings or for individual work within a dynamic work environment.

Due to its modular system, HUGG's form, appearance, function and matching accessories are easily altered. HUGG will suit any corporate identity and embraces different activities.

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line HUGG
Designer Basten Leijh