Monitorarm M8.1

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Product description

M8.1, part of Humanscale’s revolutionary new monitor arm line, instantly improves the comfort, health and productivity of any workspace. Fully compatible with traditional desks and sit/stand workstations alike, M8.1 meets a variety of configuration needs for single monitors from 3 - 13 kg (6 - 28 lbs.) or – with an optional crossbar support – dual monitors up to 5.5 kg (12 lbs.) each. 

Featuring innovations like Humanscale’s patented Weight-Compensating Spring Technology and Smart Stop functionality, M8.1 enables the personalisation and flexibility needed for today’s evolving workplaces.


  • Smart Stop
  • Counterbalance Indicator
  • Easy Install Cable Management
  • Quick Release Joints
  • Heavy Single or Dual Monitors 2.7 - 12.7 kg (6 - 28 lbs.)


Brand Humanscale