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Gispen healthcare project Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft K5B0586

As a leading research hospital, Reinier de Graaf offers highly specialised and complex care. In addition to its main location in Delft, the hospital has locations and clinics outside the city. Gispen was asked to supply furniture for the new building of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital. Deborah Nieuwesteeg, Project Manager new construction Facility Services at Reinier de Graaf. Gispen introduced a sense of warmth and hospitality to the hospital, based on the look and feel of EGM Architects.


The newly constructed Reinier de Graaf Hospital has been designed and furnished so that patients, visitors and staff feel comfortable and can work as optimally as possible. Although three different target groups are involved, Gispen has managed to translate all the different needs into an interior that works. This can be credited to both EGM Architects and the work group in which facility managers, medical specialists, nurses, ICT staff, cleaning and patient associations were able to express their wishes and needs. This has resulted in a unity in diversity. The look and feel is translated into each piece of furniture. The interior designs were influenced by the available space and functions of the different areas. After all, a reception area demands a different furnishing than a specialist's consultation room or a waiting area for blood tests. Deborah Nieuwesteeg, Project Manager new construction Facility Services at Reinier de Graaf: “The trial setups presented by Gispen turned out to match our wishes best.”

More homely and warm
The design of the waiting rooms is a good example of how Gispen responds to target groups and their specific needs. In order to seat as many people as possible, many hospitals used to opt for interlinked chairs. However, patients that are unfit or old, must be able to get out of their chair easily. A chair with the right seat height and a sturdy armrest is important to this patient group. Alternatively, a sofa would be more comfortable for parents with children, allowing children to snuggle up to their parents.

Nelleke Lagerwerf, interior architect and one of Gispen’s specialists when it comes to healthcare furnishing: “For this purpose, we used drawings and calculations to find out what happens if, instead of interlinked chairs, you put comfortable sofas, armchairs and a reading table in a waiting area. It turns out that you will only have two fewer seats. Visitors can now choose for themselves where they feel most comfortable. At the same time, this type of interior automatically feels more homely and warm."


Specific healthcare expertise

A target group and function-oriented furnishing is an everyday routine for the Gispen Healthcare Team. We are well aware of what goes on in hospitals: not only in terms of hygiene, but also in practical and specialist care processes and patient and visitor requirements. We find it important that all aspects are reflected in the furniture and interior design. And sometimes this means that bespoke solutions are required. A good example of this is the special folding table for wheelchairs which we developed specifically for the patient rooms of Reinier de Graaf hospital. At the entrance, coach seats and benches were made to measure around trees. The hospital has also opted for organic TMNL Doc consultation tables. The shape of this table allows doctors to face their patients while glancing at their monitor at the same time. This contributes to more relaxed consultations. We strive to put all our experience and expertise at the disposal of healthcare institutions and their patients, from LUMC and Radboudumc to Amphia and Prinses Maxima hospital.”  


What do you think of the result?

Nelleke Lagerwerf: “The feedback has been positive so far. We are proud of the fact that Reinier de Graaf Hospital has also asked us to design a new outpatient clinic and OR complex. We consider these new orders as a compliment.”



Photography: Chris van Koeverden

black and white portrait of Nelleke Lagerwerf
Nelleke Lagerwerf - interior architect and healthcare specialist at Gispen


“We were asked to supply 9,000 items to the new Reinier de Graaf Hospital. Each product fits within the look and feel of the new building and is tailored to the target group and function of the room in which the chair, sofa, table or workstation is located. In addition to supplying, customising and upholstering, we also designed part of the interior. This was truly a co-creation between the specialists from the Gispen Healthcare Team, EGM Architects and the hospital's own staff and patient associations. The input of the users was quite special and useful. They thought not only about themselves, but also considered the needs and wishes of their patients. This was a unique and pleasant collaboration and you can see and feel that throughout the hospital.”

Deborah Nieuwesteeg Project Manager new construction Facility Services at Reinier de Graaf
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