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Holland PTC has been offering a new cancer treatment at a new building on the TU Delft campus since September 2018. Architectural firm MMEK and Gispen were asked to design a space within the reception area of the Holland PTC that would give people a pleasant experience.

Technology and medical oncology

Holland PTC is an independent outpatient medical centre for proton therapy. This is an extremely high-precision form of radiation with microscopic, charged protons. These particles make it possible to irradiate tumours more accurately and more effectively, causing less damage to the healthy, surrounding tissue when compared to other, more conventional treatments. Proton therapy is complementary to medical and surgical treatments and various forms of radiotherapy. Due to this new centre, which also accommodates scientific research and education, cancer patients no longer have to go abroad for proton treatment. In addition, Holland PTC, founded by Erasmus MC, LUMC and Delft University of Technology, strives to become Europe's leading institute in which technology and medical oncology are becoming increasingly intertwined. It wants to be at the forefront of innovation and research in the field of proton therapy and technology.

Hospitable, comfortable atmosphere

Besides being a medical scientific institute and treatment centre, Holland PTC is also a place of hope and sometimes disappointment for patients and their families. This means that the entrance and also the treatment rooms have to exude a hospitable, comfortable atmosphere where people can feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. “We want to give our patients and those who accompany them an experience that is as pleasant as possible. Alone or with family. In contact with others, or with more privacy. These different needs demand quite a lot from the interior and furniture.”

Holland PTC wanted to be sure that the furniture was comfortable and adequate in different ways. To this end, Holland PTC made various visits to surrounding companies and the hospital in Delft. “We experienced first-hand that Gispen furniture is more comfortable. Higher seats, seats that offer privacy, am extremely beautiful lounge sofa, pleasant dining chairs ... In a later stadium, we decided to ask Gispen to furnish the building.”


Smaller zones serving multiple functions

The preparations for the interior were carried out by MMEK. This firm designs care environments where patients are inspired and activated and where they retain their freedom of choice and autonomy. When MMEK started working on the Holland PTC project,  they first designed different layout proposals for the reception area. The proton centre opted for a design with smaller zones that serve multiple functions, such as a reception area, waiting area, pantry and supplier desk.


A sense of security, privacy and distraction

In order to maintain unity within the reception area, we matched the furnishing with the sleek lines of the building and its pronounced and colourful style. We created a design that was based on these features, taking human interest and the visitors’ requirements into account. The applied materials and colours have a serene and warm look to them. Every functional zone has its own atmosphere, but in the same design language. According to Claire Knippenburg, account manager Healthcare, we distinguish three types of seating in this project: “The so-called train benches allow you to withdraw, with more privacy because of the high back. The lounge sofa is where visitors can find a homely atmosphere. The addition of Gispen Asido pouffes and Gispen Dukdalf side tables enforces the homely feeling of the zone. If visitors feel like reading or having a chat, they can pull up to the reading table using Hola chairs from Kusch & Co. Instead of reading, they can also use the touch screens to learn more about treatments and procedures. It is great that the interior and furniture has offered visitors and patients of Holland PTC a sense of security, privacy and distraction.”



Photography: Chris van Koeverden

black and white portrait of Claire Knippenburg
Claire Baas-Knippenburg - Account manager zorg Gispen

A word from the specialist

‘A recommendation from Erasmus MC and pleasant experiences with architectural firm MMEK are what made Holland PTC consider us. Our experience in care environments combined with comfortable furniture meant that, despite the tight schedule, we were able to assist Holland PTC in furnishing their reception area.'

We had to act within a very short period of time, and Gispen was able to deliver swiftly.
Ineke van de Graaf Holland PTC Management and Quality Control
portrait of HollandPTC
Ineke van de Graaf, Holland PTC Management and Quality Control

The client’s thoughts

‘By choosing Gispen, we were posed with a financial challenge. Nevertheless, we followed through and opted for maximum comfort. This is an enormous plus for our patients. Fortunately, we were able to come to an agreement with Gispen, but unfortunately the project was already underway otherwise we could have benefited more from Gispen's input and expertise. We had to act within a very short period of time, and Gispen was able to deliver swiftly.’

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