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A building with an interior design that dates as far back as the 1970s. Van der Spek decided to make a radical change and bring its head office in Vianen back up to date. With both an exterior and interior  that meets the requirements of today. Van der Spek, SchilderScholte Architecture+ and Gispen joined forces to create a modern building with a future-proof interior that suits this family business. With a design that is both sleek and warm at the same time.

More space, light and interaction

Van der Spek is your partner in equipment: from excavators to tower cranes. Its head office in Vianen was built in 1972. Jaco van der Spek, client / project supervisor: “The building and its interior hadn’t been touched for years and were in serious need of a renovation. We had to choose between redoing everything and reusing things wherever possible. We deliberately chose the latter option.” SchilderScholte Architecture came up with a design for a complete renovation. Gispen – a company in our area, which we liked – fully furnished the renovated office. Interior architect Hill Scholte: “The steel load-bearing structure of the building, the roof and the mezzanine floors have all been reused. All the ceilings, walls and facades have been replaced. The new facade with its vertical lines catches your attention right away. The users, i.e. the staff of the head office, were extensively consulted about the interior design. We arranged a workshop during which we went through the entire building together: what do you like, what would you like to change? The users’ wishes were clear: lots of space, lots of light, more interaction and communication.” Jaco: “As well as a future-proof interior, with agile workspaces for our field workers and sit-stand workstations for everyone.”

Well-matched colour scheme

From a cubicle-type office with a dark corridor in the centre to a much more open structure. The central staircase with its blue steel stairs – in the recognisable corporate colour – immediately catches your attention. The spacious corridors are now filled with light and air. The offices are welcoming and homely. Hill: “Where the corridors have light, neutral shades of greyish blue, the offices have been given a more vibrant colour scheme. The colours were chosen by the departments themselves during a workshop; after all, it was to become their home base. The interior as a whole still has a uniform design because we carefully matched all the colours together with Gispen and the client.” A remarkable detail: every department created their own floor design which is incorporated into the carpet (Interface).


A lead role for CIMO

Gispen supplied complete workstation units and furnished the conference rooms, a workshop area and the company restaurant. Final decisions were made during a visit by the architect and representatives of Van der Spek to the Gispen Inspiration Centre in Culemborg. A great many Gispen TEAM tables and SDK sliding door cabinets were installed. The conference chairs are from Artifort. Van der Spek opted for Gispen Zinn office chairs to accompany the dual workstations from the circular and modular desk collection CIMO.


Jaco: “We were looking for height-adjustable desks. When we saw CIMO at the showroom, it immediately caught our attention. CIMO is a sustainable product and has a very efficient adjustment system that utilises a manual crank handle. You can adjust the height in large steps without much effort at all; without any noise and very quickly indeed. That's a great many advantages! Furthermore, Gispen prepared a trial setup for us which we could thoroughly test out. We were all completely convinced afterwards.” The CIMO workstations are finished with walnut veneer tops and are equipped with dark frames for a homely look and feel.


Are you satisfied with the result?

Jaco: "We could not be happier with our new work environment and we are now set for another 25 years. Our building has become more spacious, lighter and more transparent, which is exactly what we wanted. We are also satisfied with the furniture that we ordered: a great combination of products that also function really well. Our sustainable approach is reflected in various ways. The building is almost energy-neutral; we went from label G to label A. We brought in a piece of nature in the form of a 30-metre long green wall with real plants inside; a real eyecatcher. And opting for CIMO workstations was definitely a good decision." Hill: “I clearly remember employees having reservations about standing behind their desks at first, but now the vast majority is saying: gosh, it works better than expected!”


A continued collaboration

Martijn Jacobs, business manager at Gispen and first point of contact for Van der Spek: “I am also very positive about working together with Jaco and Hill. On top of that, something else has stemmed from our collaboration. Gerrit Schilder jr., owner and architect at SchilderScholte, approached Gispen for a programme that allows architects in training to gain professional experience. Since then, around thirty participants have been given guided tours around the Gispen Inspiration Centre and the factory in Culemborg. We can only applaud such initiatives.”



Photography: Ronald Tilleman

Open lines of communication, always being available for questions; I am very positive about working with Gispen!
Jaco van der Spek Client / project supervisor
portrait of jacco vd spek

The client’s thoughts

'Every decision that was made in this extensive project was made in close consultation. From the layout of the building to furniture details. When a delay occurred, the furniture had already been ordered. Gispen came through with storage space and assisted us in coming up with the solution of making partial deliveries during the renovation. Quickly responding to questions, open lines of communication; I am very positive about our partnership!'

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