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Pleasant remote meetings

MOXX is a versatile and sustainable space-in-space system that supports activity-related work methods within an open work environment. MOXX allows your employees to complete their tasks in a pleasant and undisturbed way. The MOXX videoconference allows your employees to fully focus on their videoconference and do so in peace and quiet. At the same time, those working outside the unit will not be disturbed by their colleague having a videoconference. The combination of glass panels and upholstered wall elements makes for good acoustics and optimal comfort. This makes MOXX an excellent solution for a multifunctional office environment.  


You can design the layout of your MOXX videoconference. Power and data outlets have been integrated into the walls of this unit. Other communication tools such as monitors can be added if needed. Would you like to find out more about the options for the layout of this space-in-space solution? We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities!



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Gispen MOXX space in space upholstered in grey and yellow exploded front right view


It is due to the modular system of walls, functional elements and accessories that the appearance, form and function of MOXX are easily altered. You can do so on-site and even after many years of use. MOXX units are entirely detached from their interior surroundings; its electricity, air supply and lighting are fed through a single cord, making it possible to move MOXX quickly and without much effort. The castors make this even easier.


  • Create privacy within a dynamic work environment.
  • Good acoustics and optimal comfort. For both inside and outside MOXX!
  • A proper, affordable, versatile and sustainable alternative to overhauling your office.
  • Easy to expand or adapt on-site.
  • Always remain in contact with colleagues due to visual transparency.
  • MOXX stimulates activity-related working.
Gispen MOXX space in space 4 by 4 panels ventilation upholstered in grey and yellow with sliding door front right view


We have invested a lot of time and effort into perfecting the acoustics of MOXX units. MOXX is not sound-proof, but sound-absorbing. Research has shown that a soundproof room is actually very distracting. The silence 'presses' on one’s ears, as it were, making it uncomfortable. MOXX provides acoustic comfort, without any resonance of sound, and brings about acoustic privacy in a busy work environment. The upholstered wall elements have acoustic padding on both the inside and outside.  Moreover, the high-end ventilation system ensures that the unit is always filled with fresh air and that the temperature is kept constant. The fans are among the quietest of their sort.


We already took account of future returns and reuse of components and materials when we designed MOXX. Gispen stands for high-quality products and takes responsibility for their entire lifespan, while reducing waste production for as far as possible. When a MOXX product is at the end of its lifecycle, we will give its components and materials a new function or refurbish the space-in-space concept that is as good as new.


With a circularity percentage of 58%, MOXX is valued at 3 stars on our circular design framework.


The glass panels of MOXX are 100% recyclable.


MOXX has many lives. The steel and glass will not deteriorate and reupholstering the panels you can create a brand-new unit.

Gispen MOXX Collection front view


There is an extensive range of space-in-space solutions to be created with MOXX elements. From a telephone booth to an entire workspace. From a videoconferencing booth to a conference room. For a small or large group of people. It all depends on what your organisation needs. This is the main advantage of this versatile system.

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Brand Gispen
Designer Basten Leijh
Furniture line MOXX
Size The panels measure 80 cm wide by 240 cm high.
Material Glass, steel and upholstered panels.
Rutges   squarem
'We make ample use of MOXX in the open area of our building. This has created private spaces where teams can confer and employees can focus on their tasks.'
Marius Rutges former director and Advisory Board member

MOXX applied at

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